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0309 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 309 (Color Image)

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one sets out and goes riding four days journeys finding cities and villages enough. v The people are of great trade and of great industry, and they are idolaters and have v money of the great Kaan their lord, that is notes. And at the end of these four days v FB journeys one finds the city of Cacanfu which is toward midday, going back by the R other side of the province, and is the most noble and greatest city in all the province of Catai. VB VB

And we shall tell you of it, of this Cacanfu, its circumstances as you shall be able

to hear below.   FB

HERE HE TELLS OF THE CITY OF CACANFU. Cacanfu is a great city of Catai   .131 .
and noble, and it is toward midday. The people are all idolaters and VB have the bodies of their dead burnt when they die. There too are some Christians VB z who have a Church in the aforesaid city. They are subject to the rule of the great Kaan v

and have the money of notes with the stamp of the great Kaan. They live by trade and vs

by crafts, for they have silk enough in great abundance of which they make cloths of FB

gold and of silk and the finest sendal in great abundance. This city has other cities R z

and villages enough under her rule. A certain great river passes through the middle of the z

city, by which much merchandise is carried over to the city of Cambaluc, for with many R

channels and ditches they make it run right up to the said city. But now we will depart

from here and will go riding forward by midday three days marches and shall find FB FB

there and tell you of another city which has the name of Cianglu.

HERE HE TELLS OF THE CITY OF CIANGLU. Cianglu is also [59d] a very great   • 132
city and is toward midday, and it is subject to the great Kaan, and it v FB L   
also is in the province of the great Catai. Their money is of notes, namely money • [with]the stamp • of the great Kaan; • and they are idolaters, and these too L vs L FB VB

have the dead bodies burnt when they are dead. And you may know that salt is made TA

from earth in this town' and district in very great quantity, and I will tell you how. VB Z

It is true that they take a kind of vein of earth which is very salt, and of this earth L

they dig and make very great' mounds; and over these mounds they throw water L TA

in plenty, so much that the water penetrating through them •goes to the bottom of the mound L FB

of earth, • and then they take and collect that • poured on • water which conies out of that earth, • FA Z FA

when it has taken up salt from the virtue of the earth, through conduits and put it in great z

jars and in great and broad cauldrons of iron not more than four fingers deep, and make z R

it boil enough. And then, • when it is well boiled. and purified by the force of the fire, • they FB Z VB FB

leave it to cool, and then the water thickens & they take it and salt is made from it very VB Z

beautiful and white and fine. Moreover I tell you that they make so much of it that it VB

not only suffices for the city & region but some of this salt is carried through many

1 V: prouin~ia VB: paixe

2 L: parua VB: montesselli