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0242 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 242 (Color Image)

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ten, and on another fifteen. And no baron or knight or other noble whatever dares to hunt or hawk unless he is enrolled under the captain of the falconers, or has a privilege in this matter; VA but in all other provinces and parts of his land they are quite able to hunt & hawk and to do as they please with birds and with dogs . And again you may know truly that through all the lands where the great lord has rule no king nor any baron nor FB P FB any man, however bold he may be, dares by any means or trap to take or hunt these four kinds of animals, that is to say hares or fallow-deer or roe-deer or stags or such kinds R of animals as this, and large birds, which are breeding, from the month of March VA R until the end of October, that they may increase and multiply. And he who should do contrary to this would be made to repent of it mightily, because the lord has so R appointed it, and I tell you that his command is so obeyed that for this reason the FB animals and birds multiply in the greatest numbers, • so that the land is quite full of them v and the lord has as many of them as he pleases; • and the hares and the deer and the other V animals which I have named to you often come right up to a man without fear, nor FB does he touch them nor do them any harm, and if one finds them asleep as he goes by the way he would not touch them for anything; but after this term which I have told you, from March to October, everyone can do as he wishes. In such way as you have heard the great lord stays in this place till about the Pasque of Resurrection. And when he has FB stayed there so long as you have heard from March till mid-May, in so great enjoyment as I have told you and said, then he departs thence with all his people and goes back FB L FB quite straight to the capital city of Cambaluc from which he came, • that is the capital city of Catai as you have heard before, by that same road by which they were come VA VA to that place, and he goes always hunting and hawking with great pleasure and with VA great joy to the city, as I have said, of Cambaluc.


And when he is come to his principal town of Cambaluc he stays

FB 1 1 in his principal [43c] palace three days and no more. He makes very FB great feasting and keeps very great court and rich table. He makes great joy and great R P festivity with his wives and with all his people who are with hint. • Then those who had FB been invited to this go home. • And then from this palace of Cambaluc he goes off to his city which he has caused to be made, of which I have told you above, which has Ciandu for name, in which is his park and his palace of cane, where he keeps his gerfalcons in mew and stays there the summer because of the heat. For that place is very fresh, so that he stays there from the first day of May until the 28 day of August, on which he departs thence, when he sprinkles the milk of his white mares as is said here above. And he comes away back to his chief city of Cambaluc; and there he stays as I have told you the month of September to keep the feast of his birthday. And then October, November, and December, January, and February; in which