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0153 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 153 (Color Image)

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THE DESCRIPTION OF THE WORLDS WHICH STANDS ON AIR to buy it and to give them all the money that they shall wish for it and leave the stone LT L as it stood, because it would be too great harm to the Church if that stone were LT taken out of it. The Saracens said that they did not want gold nor silver for it nor V treasure, but they wanted their stone by all [2.2cl means; for no wealth in the world FB would they leave it. And what shall I tell you about it ? The rule belonged to that nephew of the great Kaan, the son of this Ciagatai who had been brother of the great Kaan. • LT Thus the words went so far that the lord knew it, for the Saracens frill of hatred went with FB VB very great fury to the Saracen lord protector of that city to tell hire what Ciagatai had done to the despite of the faith of Mahomet. • And he, • stirred by that same hatred which the Saracen FB VB people had, hoping that the noble Church would be altogether ruined by the moving of the said stone, • ordered the Christians either to agree with the Saracens reasonably for money or to give FB them back their stone. What shall I tell you about it? know that for no wealth would the Saracens agree to leave the stone. And this they did from spite of the Christians and for nothing else, for they knew well that if the stone were taken away the Church would fall. They cause an order to be made to the Christians that at two' days from that day they must give back that stone to the Saracens. And when the Christians have had that order they have great sorrow and vexation and do not know what they ought to do, nor LT VB seeing how to overcome the Saracens either by force or by sum of gold, nor seeing how to take away the stone without the ruin of the noble Church. • Going home• they turned to the best LT FB counsel, that is that they should pray Jesus Christ • the fountain of pity • to guide them in this VB FB matter, that the holy Church should not be ruined nor the shrine of Saint John Baptist shattered in his own Church. • Then they prayed devoutly and with many tears to Blessed John Baptist LT that he must help them in this their so great trouble. Now there came of it such a miracle as I shall tell you. You may know that when the term which the lord set them and the FB morning of the day that the stone must be given back was come, and the Saracens LT

firmly believed   were altogether expecting that the Church would fall because of the taking away
of the stone, • when they came to the Church to take away the stone, they found the column L which was above the stone lifted itself from the stone by the will of our Lord Jesus Christ through intercession of the Saint and was raised up quite three' palms and R LT did not touch the stone, and was held up as well as if the stone was under it; and the FB column carried the load, and had the foot up in the air. • And that stone still stays there under LT the pillar and the pillar does not touch the stone. And always from that day forward has that column staved so, and it is so still. And it was held by all and is still held one LT of the great miracles which has happened in the world. And in this way the Saracens V

1 FA,FB,VB: "three" VA: a diexe di TA,LT,V: two   P,R omit. Z omits the whole


2 TA,VA: "four" others "three"