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0235 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 235 (Color Image)

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days marches round the place where he is all people must hunt and catch birds,

and sends those who know how to take the big animals. And this is determined and ordered, FB

that each lord of people and of lands—that all large animals' that are taken, as are VA

wild-boar and stags and bucks and roe-deer and bears, lions, ounces, and other sorts FB FA

of large wild beasts which are of similar size, • and other birds, be brought to him, that vA FA

is to say the greater part of those large animals. And they observe this way in taking R

them : each lord of the province makes all the hunters of the land come with him, and they go

wherever the animals may be, hemming them in all round, and kill them with dogs and the

greater part with arrows. And in such fashion did all the people hunt of which I have

told you. And [4ib] all those beasts which they wish to send to the great lord, they FB

have all the entrails within the belly taken out, then they put them on the carts

or on boats and send them to the lord. And those of whom I have told you at twenty and VA LT FB

at thirty days marches from the great Kaan do this, and they are a very great number. VA

And those who are sixty2 days marches away do not send him the flesh because it

is too long a way, but they send him all the skins made up and prepared, and others R

which are not dressed, so that the great lord may have made of them all his needs

for the making of arms and for the hosts. Now I have told you of the making of

the chase, and then we shall tell you of the fierce beasts which the great lord keeps

for the chase and to have his delight with them.   FB

HERE HE TELLS OF LIONS AND OF LEOPARDS AND OF LYNXES WHICH ARE TRAINED TO TAKE ANIMALS, AND HE SPEAKS ALSO OF GERFALCONS AND OF FALCONS AND OF OTHER BIRDS. YOU may know again that the great lord has indeed fierce animals with which he hunts, namely • tame leopards enough which are L P

all good at hunting with men and at taking animals. He has also a very great number P

of lynxes which are all trained to beast-catching and are very good at the chase.

He has many very large lions, much larger than those of Babilonie. They are of very

beautiful skin and of very beautiful colour, for they are striped all over lengthwise L

black and red and white, and they are too bcautiful a thing to see.. And they are very well VA L L

trained likewise to hunt with men and to take wild boar and the wild oxen and bears P

and wild asses and harts and roe-buck and very many other wild animals. Moreover L VA

I tell you that it is a very fine thing to look at the fierce beasts that the lions take; • FB



  • 92

1 & est establi S ordree ce qe chascun ... terres qe toutes grant bestes The old versions on the whole support the clumsy translation given. E.g. V: et questo sono ordenado ai signori de le tere the li

debiafar chonzar le gran bestie Otherwise one might supply doit faire and take ce qe naturally as "that which". VA simply: E the zaschuno die portar al signior. . .

2 FA,FB omit. TA',LT,V,R "forty" P: TA': in 30 migla See p.226 n.3.