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0407 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 407 (Color Image)

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Church and the holy body saw that that idolater baron had thus had the Church and FB

those houses filled and that the Christians will have nowhere to lodge they had

great vexation at it and pray him much that he should not do it, thus to fill the z

Church and its houses. But he that was very cruel and proud drove them away with VB

threats and scorn & listened to none of their prayer but fulfilled his plan completely, z

causing the Church to be filled and all those houses according to his wish and against z

the wish of the Christians who watch the Church.' The Christians being unable to VB

prevail against the power of the idolater baron set themselves to pray. And when this baron

had caused all the houses of Saint Thomas to be filled with his rice at which the

brothers had so great anger, there happened so great miracle [82d] as I shall tell

you. For you may know that the night after that idolater baron had had those houses VB

filled, Master Saint Thomas the Apostle appeared to him in a vision with a fork of VA VB

iron in hand and put it at the throat of the sleeping baron and said to him, O such P

an one, if thou dost not have my houses which thy rash haste has filled to my hurt P

emptied immediately to lodge my pilgrims, • and in future shalt make my servants pay thee FB Z

tribute of the trees which they own, thou must be killed by an evil death.2 And while

he said this he pressed the throat hard with that fork so that it seemed to the baron

that he would have great pain, and it wanted but little that he believed that he was

dying. And when Master Saint Thomas had done this he went away. And that baron

gets up early in the morning & immediately did all that the Apostle in the vision had i

commanded and has all those houses emptied, and tells publicly all that happened P

to hiIn from Master Saint Thomas, which was indeed held for a great miracle.

And the king never more for the future took tribute of the trees nor anything from the Christians z

who guarded the monastery and Church as he used to take. And then the Christians have z

great joy about it and great gladness and much they give great thanks and great

honour to God and to Master Saint Thomas and much they bless his name. Moreover VA

I tell you that other miracles enough to the honour of the Christian faith happened P there all the year' which would indeed be held for great wonders, whoever should hear them told, and especially of healing Christians who are withered and crippled'

1 TA' makes the baron with his family occupy all the houses, and does not mention the rice.

2 o tel o se tu ne fais ... The version, which is supported by Z,V,VA,VL, and S, simply omits the second o. FB: ou tu feras vuider mes maisons pour herbergier mes pelerins ou tu mouras de male mort B. therefore reads O tu fais vuider tantosto mes maisonz o se tu ne fais vuider tantosto mes maisonz il convient . . .

3 FB: souuant LT: frequenter L: continuo VA: tuto el di VB: continuamente fino al di danchuo R: tutt'il giorno TA,V,Z omit.

4 esteperes e gaste TA: lebrosi