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0332 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 332 (Color Image)

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TA FB great Kaan, it happened that after he had taken the chief city this Baian sends a great VA FB part of his people who were called Alain, who were Christians, to this strong city R to take it. The city had two circuits of wall. Now it happened that these Alains VA P attacked the city and took it and entered peacefully, without hurting any man more, into R VA P the first city; because the people of the place surrendered themselves to these Alain, • and those who were in the city being overcome by the valour of the attackers freely gave the city over to VB VB them. And they find there such a quantity of good wine (in which that city greatly VB abounds) that they, being eager for such drink after the stress of the weariness and wounds VA received, set themselves without any thought to drink so much of it that in the evening they were all drunken so that they slept in such a way that they perceived neither FB P good nor bad and all lay down as dead, • and kept no guard in the city at all. And when R P the men of the city who were in the second circuit, •who had received them in peace, saw that those who had taken it were so transformed that they resembled dead men, VB FB all drunken and sleeping, lying on the earth like swine, they make no delay nor did anything else but all immediately in that night they killed them all so that never a single one v of them escapes. And when Baian, that is the lord of the great army, knows that FB those of this city had killed his men so treacherously he sends there another commander of his with enough of his men and they take it by force. And also I tell you quite P truly that when they took it [65d] he commanded that all the citizens should be killed as a mark and in vengeance for that treachery and faithlessness. And as he commanded, so it V FB TA was done. They handled them evilly and killed them of the city all with the edge of the FB VA sword so that none of them escaped who was not killed, • in revenge for that which they had done with those Alains. And in such a way as you have heard were so many men dead in this city. Now we will depart from here and will go forward and will tell you FB of a very great city which is called Sugiu.

  • 151 •   ERE HE TELLS OF THE CITY OF SUGIU. Sugiu is a very noble city and great,

   v v v   the people of which they are idolaters and are subject to the rule of the great

   FB   Kaan, and have money of notes, and they have silk in very great quantities.

FB FB FB And they live by trade and by crafts, and they make many cloths of gold and of silk R FB Z for their clothing, for all go clothed in silk; and they also sell it. •And there are in it TA TA Z z great merchants and very rich citizens. • The city it is so large in its circuit that it is FB Z forty' miles round. And it has so very great quantity of people in it that no one FB could know their number. Moreover I tell you that if they were men of arms, and L P those of the province of Mangi, they would easily conquer and be bound to defeat all

1 VB,TA: "forty" FA,LT,VA,P,V,L,Z: "sixty" FB: "nine" R: "twenty"