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0310 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 310 (Color Image)

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    VB Z other countries round, and they have, those people, infinite great wealth from it, z R and the great lord receives much revenue and profit from it. Very large peaches •very good z and well f avoured •grow there, which weigh for each quite two small pounds. Now we will leave this city where there is nothing else which does to mention and will tell you of another city which is called Ciangli which is towards "midday, and we will tell you of its doings.

  • 133 •   ERE HE TELLS OF THE CITY OF CIANGLI. Ciangli is a city of Catai towards

   FB Z   midday, and it is subject to the great Kaan; whose people they are idolaters

   VB   and have money of notes of the lord. It is five days journeys distant from

L the aforesaid city of Cianglu, and in these five days journeys are found towns and

  •  villages enough which are all subject to the rule of the great Kaan. And they are lands VB Z for the more part of great trade and handicrafts and are very profitable to the great lord. VB And you may know that through the middle of the city of Ciangli goes a very Z VA great river and broad and deep, • on which go many ships, by which are carried both VB VB upwards and downwards very great quantities of all merchandise, of cloth of silk V VB and of gold and many silks [boa] and of spicery and of many other dear things which pay great duty to the lord. Now we will leave Ciangli that we shall tell you no more about it, and we shall tell you of another city which is six days journeys distant from here towards midday and is called Tundinfu.

  • 134 •   Z   ERE HE TELLS OF THE CITY OF TUNDINFU. When one sets out from the

   FB   city of Ciangli he goes riding these six days journeys towards midday and

   VB   always finding cities and villages enough apt for trade and of great value

FB Z VB VB and of great nobility and of great affairs; •whose people they are all idolaters along this FB v road, and burn the dead bodies. And they are subject to the rule of the great Kaan z vB FB FB and have also • their money of notes, and they live by trade and by crafts, and they v L have all things for life in great abundance; but in this there is nothing else which FB FB does to mention, and so we will tell you of the city of Tundinfu. And you may know VB that • at the end of the said six days marches is found the noble & great city called Tundifu. VB Tundir fu is a very noble and large city, and once upon a time before it was a great z v kingdom and noble, but the great Kaan besieged it & conquers it by force of arms. FB But nevertheless I tell you that it is the most noble city that is in all that country. z There are very great merchants who do great trade. And they have so great abundance FB V FB of silk that it is a great wonder. And round this city there are • also many beautiful v z R gardens and delectable which are full of all manner of fine and good fruits. And you may know quite truly that this city of Tundinfu has eleven' imperial cities under

' FA,FB,P,Z, L, R: II V: io VA, VB: 12 TA', LT: 15 TA3: i6 See PN.