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0351 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 351 (Color Image)

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Quinsai, that is from Heaven in our language, he goes riding one days VB FB

journey towards the sirocco always finding houses and towns and very z

many fair and delectable gardens and very fruitful lands where one finds all the things R VA

of life in great abundance. And at the end of the days journey one finds the city

which I have named to you above, which is called Tanpigiu, which is very large,

noble, & beautiful and is under the domain of • the city of Quinsai. They are subject to P L Z

the rule of the great Kaan and have money of notes . They are idolaters and have their y

   I ii   dead bodies burnt in the way which I have told you above. And they live by trade FB V

   t   and by crafts, and they have great abundance of all things of life. And there is nothing y y

   '   else which does to mention, and so we will set out from here and will go farther forward z v

   t   and will tell of the city of Vugiu. And when one leaves this city of Tanpigiu he z

   Ili   goes riding three days journeys towards the sirocco always finding cities and villages FB

   ',p   enough very beautiful and great, where one finds of all good things in great plenty

   it   and very cheap. They are, the people of those places, idolaters and subject to the rule y y

   IL   of the great Kaan, they have money of notes and they are in the domain of the city of z z

Quinsai. There is no new thing which does to mention. And at the end of these z y

three days journeys one finds a city aforesaid which is called Vugiu. This Vugiu is z

a noble and great city, and they are idolaters, have money of notes, and are subject to z z

the rule of the great Kaan, and live by trade and by crafts, and are also in the domain y

of the city of Quinsai. But there is nothing which we wish [69b] to put in our book, z v

and so we will go forward and will tell you of the city of Ghiugiu. Now you may

know that when one leaves Vugiu he goes riding two days journeys by sirocco and FB

always finds towns & villages &gardens enough, so frequent • and continuous that you seem FB Z P

as you ride to go through the middle of a single city.' They are responsible to the city of Quinsai; FB Z R Z

   s   the people worship idols, and are under the dominion of the great Kaan . They have abundance

of all things needful for life. There are the thickest canes' and the longest that are to z VA Z

be found in all that country, for you may know that there are some canes which are

four palms round about in thickness and they are quite fifteen paces long. There is z

nothing else which does to mention. And at the end of two days journeys one

finds a city which is called Ghiugiu which is very large and beautiful. They are

subject to the rule of the great Kaan, and are idolaters, and are again in the domain of v

1 Here V adds: "where are found many streets which go to many cities and villages, and many are inhabited and many abandoned. Now let us return to the greater street which is at the end of two days journeys." FB: il semble toutesfoiz cheuauchant dune cite a autre qui' ya moult

delitable pais.   2 VL : qui se troua ehane breganege cf. pp. 165,268.