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0138 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 138 (Color Image)

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    FB as they' wish at their pleasure and that they will find there beauty-ill gardens t -full of z rivers which run separately in fullness of wine and of milk and of honey and of water, FB in the same way as that of the Old Man; and therefore had he made them make that garden like the Paradise of which Mahomet had spoken to the Saracens. And FB therefore the Saracens of that country believe truly that that [18c] garden is Paradise, LT R because of its beauty & delectable pleasure. • He wished to give them to understand that he was a prophet and companion of Mahomet, and that he could make whoever he wished go into the V said Paradise. And into this garden entered no man ever except only those base men z R z of evil life whom he wished to make satellites and assassins. Because he had indeed a R Z VB castle at the entry of that garden at the mouth of the valley so very strong and impregnable R that he was not afraid of a man in the world; and it could be entered by a secret way;• P V and it was very carefully guarded, and in other parts it was not possible to enter into V this garden but only there. And the Old Man kept with him at his court all the R young men of the inhabitants of those mountains of the country from twelve years to FA R twenty; they were those who seemed to wish to be men of arms' and brave and

   P valiant, who knew well by hearsay, according as Mahomet their most unhappy   ti

   FA prophet had told them, that their Paradise was made in such manner as I have told   d

   FB R you, and so they believed in truth as Saracens believe it. • And every day he preached to   1

   them of this garden of Mahomet, and how he was able to make them go therein. And what   ;1+'

   V VB shall I tell you about it? Sometimes the Old Man, when he wished to kill any lord   a

   who made war or was his enemy, made them put some of these youths into that   :i

FB R FB Paradise by fours and sixes and by tens or twelves and by twenties together just as he

   TA wished, in this way. For he had opium to drink given them by which they fell asleep   4

   R FB TA and as if half dead immediately as soon as they had drunk it, • and they slept quite three   ;p

   LT V days• and three nights. Then he had them taken in this sleep and put into that garden   ii

   FB R FB FB of his, • into different rooms of the said palaces, and there made them wake, and they found   vi

themselves there.   ,l


   OBEDIENT. And when the youths were waked up and they find themselves   l!

   FB l 1 in there and see themselves in so fine a place and they see all these things   i4 ,

   VA R which I have told you, made just as the law of Mahomet says, • and the damsels were round   ij
VA R each one • always, and all the day were • singing and playing and making all the caresses and

   dalliance which they could imagine, giving them food and most delicate wines, so that intoxicated   ti

with so many pleasures and with the little streams of milk and wine which they saw, they   '~It

R believe that they are most truly in Paradise. And the ladies and the damsels stayed   ii


' FA: qui auoient volente destre hommes darmes et leur disoit   ihq