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0130 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 130 (Color Image)

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and bad. And when they have taken all these provinces they enter into Indie in R FB the borders of a province which is called Dilivar. They take by storm a very noble FB vB city which also has Dilivar for name, and he stays in that city and stopped with his FB army, and took the [16cl kingdom,' which he took from a king who was of that province R who had Asidin Soldan as name, who was very great and rich. For he came upon VB R him at unawares. And there he began to reign. at rest. •And the white Tartars began to mix with the Indian women who were black, and begat sons of them who were called Caraunas, that is, in their language, mixed; and these are they who go scouring through the country of Reobar and through each other country as best they can. And when they came into Dilivar2 they learned the magical and devilish arts with which they make darkness come and hide the z daylight, so that unless one is near the other they are not seen; • and thus sometimes they ride R for thirty or forty days journeys, and usually towards the direction of Reobar, • because all the merchants who come to trade in Curnmos, until they learn that the merchants from the parts of Indie are corning, send in the winter time the mules and camels, which are become lean through the length of the journey, to the plain of Reobar where, through the abundance of grass, they are bound to grow fat. And these Caraunas, who are waiting for this, come carrying everything off, and they take the men and sell them. Nevertheless if they can ransom themselves VA they let them go.3 And there Negodar stays with his people and is in so strong a VB region that he has no fear of anyone. He makes war on his own people, on all the other

v Tartars who dwell round his kingdom in the way I have told you above. Now I have VA told you of this plain and of the people who have darkness made to come that they VB may rob; by the which people of Negodar all those countries were at war and the roads cut.

L TA Moreover I tell you that Master Marc Pol himself was as good as taken or killed

V FB VB by that people in that darkness on this plain, but as God willed it he escaped with FB the greatest speed to a village which was near there which is called Canosalmi, and many FB of his companions were taken and were sold, and some were killed, so that only

seven persons escaped with him. So I have told you just as it happened. Now we shall go

on to tell you of other things.'

1 & pro le regne FA, FB: following V, reads & pri le

2 Malabar see p. 44 and

3 It seems as if RAMUSIo of the new matter which he

at the risk of some repetiti

4 VA: E sine digo io marcho che fu vna Piada in grande pericolo deser prexo da quella zente in quella oschurita ma eschanp a vico chastcllo che era li apresso auea nome chaloscbini ... VB,f',LT similarly in the first person.

et par cellui Regne VA: per lo regniame V: e tolse el reame B., regne "and took the kingdom", probably rightly.


had perhaps retold this story in his own words, but for the sake gives it has seemed to be worth while to insert part of his version on.