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0090 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 90 (Color Image)

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L V And so with your good will we have presumed to go back. But one thing we wish to ask of you,• may it please you to ,Hake privileges & letters certifying that we came to do the embassy to the Pope and found him dead, and have waited if there should be made another, and seeing that after so long a time none has been chosen you as legate certify all that you have seen. And Master the legate, who was among the greatest lords of all the Church of Rome, said to them, Since you wish to go back to the great lord it pleases me well. Then he made his v letters and his embassy to send to the great Kaan as they had said to him and testifies FB FB VA how the two brothers Master Nicolau and Master Mafeu were come indeed .faithfully to TA do their embassy & had waited so long a time for a Pope to be made, but because there v was no [6d] Apostle they had not been able to do it; and gave them to the said Ambassadors,. vL but[said]that when a new Pope was made he will certainly make their embassy known to him, for which provision will be made as shall be right.


BROTHERS GO TO THE APOSTLE OF ROME .) When the two brothers have had

v I -1 • the letters of the legate then immediately they set out from Acre and set themselves on the way to return to the great lord . They go till they were come to L the city of Laias . And when they were come there it does not stay a moment before TA V TA P they heard news how this aforesaid Master the legate whom they had left in Acre•received the LT envoys of the cardinals that he was chosen Apostle and was called Pope Gregor the tenth LT of Plajence, who afterwards held a council at Lyons on the Rhone.2 The two brothers have great joy at this. And after this it does not stay a moment before a messenger came to Laias on behalf of the legate who was chosen Pope to Master Nicolau and Master VB Mafeu to let the two brothers know of his creation, with a message saying to them that if VB VA V they were not gone from Laias they must come back to him immediately; .who were still there, for they were not able to go further forward because a grandson of the great Kaan, who was a Christian and was named Chariziera, who was escaped from the great Kaan, went destroying


1 The titles of chapters i 2, 13,14,15 seem to have become confused. On comparing the titles with those in FA and FB, it seems to be clear that the first part of the title of 15 belongs to 12, while the titles of i2, 13, 14 belong respectively to 13, 14, 15, the second part of the title of 15 being in its proper place. The correct title according to this rearrangement is placed first in the translation, followed by the original misplaced title in brackets.

2 R:... Gregorio decimo, qual considerando, che al presente, che gl'era fatto Papa, poteua ampiamente satisfar' alle dimande del gran Can, spacció immediate sue lettere al Re d'Armenia, dandoli nuoua della sua

elettione,   pregandolo: che se li due ambasciatori, che andauano al gran Can, non fossero partiti, gli
facesse ritornare a lui. Queste lettere, gli trouorno ancora in Armenia, li quali con grandissima allegrezza uolsero tornar' in Acre, ... V: ueder sel podea trouar i anbasadori del gran chap et seloi trouasse li fesse tornar a lui onde inchontenente el messo se partirono da roma.... S (misunderstanding VL) does not make it clear that the new Pope (gregorio de placencia) was the same man as the legate (theobaldo).