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0176 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 176 (Color Image)

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    less, all the people whom they met by the way by which the bodies are carried are TA V FB put to the edge of the sword by those who conduct the said body. And they say thus. LT LT to them when they kill them, Go serve your' lord in the other world. For they have P come to such foolishness and the devil has so Jilinded them • and surrounded them with such LT madness that they believe truly that all those whom they kill [z,8b] for this cause must VA VA go to accompany & to serve the great lord in the other world. And they do the same VA with the horses which they find on the road, & say that he has so many horses in the other

vL v world. For when the lord dies they kill all the best horses, camels,   mules•that are

L left that the lord had. They have[them]killed2 believing that the lord may have them

v LT in the other world; & so they all believe. And you may know that when Mongu the FB fifth Kan died more than twenty thousand' men were killed on the way, as I have told

V R you, • all those who met the body when it was being carried by the horsemen, who held FB this wicked and firm belief, to that mountain to burial. And since we have begun to speak about the Tartars for you, I will even tell you many things of them. The Tartars P R commonly feed many flocks of cows, mares, and sheep, for which reason they • never stay in one

v place, but •retire to live in the winter in plains and in hot places where they have grass R L in plenty and good pasture for their beasts; and in the summer they move themselves over to live in cold places in mountains and in valleys where they find water and woods R L R and good pasture for keeping their beasts; and also for this cause, that where the place is cold flies are not found nor gnats and suchlike creatures which annoy them and their beasts; and they go for two or three months ascending continually and gra.~ing, for they would not have enough

v V P grass for the multitude of their beasts, feeding always in one place.. And they have their •small P v houses like tents • of rods of wood and cover them with felt;4 and they are round; VB R and they always carry them with them on four-wheeled waggons wherever they go. For R they have the wooden rods tied so well and orderly that they can fit them together like P R VB a pack and • spread them, take them up, put them down, and carry them very easily where they VB please. And every time that they stretch and set up their house they set it so that the VB R R door is always looking towards midday.' They have beside this very beautiful carts with

1 uostre FA: vostre TA, R: vostro FB: nostre VA, V, LT, P: nostro

2 il occient . . . seingnor auoit font ocire FB: il ait omitting the redundant font ocire   B.
reads avoir, [et] font ocire

3 FB: "9000" VL: trecentornillia R: "i0000" VB consistently makes the persons kill themselves.

4 feuries FA, FB: cordes L: ferro, so attesting the early date offeunes; but TA, LT, V, VL, P, R all have "felt", and the omission of a very small mark would turn feutres into feunes. VB: tauolle

5 VL: "And they always set the door of their house in the summer toward the south (austro) and in the winter toward the north."