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0150 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 150 (Color Image)

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    z P fattest pasture of the world that can be found; for a thin horse or ox or any thin beast R P V L (let it be as thin as you please• put there to graze grows very fat there in ten days. And R z L there is very great abundance [lid] of all wild beasts. And especially there are among others very great multitudes of wild sheep' which are very large, for they have the VB L FB L L horns extremely large, • some quite six palms long and some at the least four or some VB R three, & very thick. And of these horns the shepherds make bowls and great vessels' VB from which they eat, & sell great quantities of them which are carried into other lands.. LT And of then' they put together & make for themselves huts in which they shelter themselves.

L And with these horns also the shepherds enclose the places like folds where they FB Z R z keep their animals by night. • And. it was told him that. there are infinite wolves which eat R up and kill many of those sheep ;3 • and that there is found such a multitude of horns and bones that of those about the roads are made great mounds to show the way to the wayfarers who FB pass at the time of the snow. And through this plain one goes riding quite twelve days marches, and it is called Pamier. Nor in all these twelve days marches is there P TA dwelling nor inn,' but in the course of the road it is desert • and nothing is found there to eat,

V but it is necessary for the travellers who have to go that way to carry with them the FB VB food which they need. Flying birds up there are none because of the high place and z P intense cold that it is, and because they could have nothing to eat there. Moreover I tell R z you that it was declared to him for a miracle that because of that great intensity of cold

V LT Z which is in that place fire is not so bright and burning nor of that colours as it is in z TA TA other places, and things are not able there to be • so well cooked as below. Now let us leave this and we will tells you of other things also farther on by the Greek wind and by sunrising. And when one is gone these three' days marches of which I have

L VB V told you by the Greek wind,. dwellings are found. But •setting out from here it is necessary that they ride quite forty days marches between the Greek wind and sunrising,

L always through mountains and through slopes and through valleys, and pass very



1 V: buo

2 V: schudele e chadini cadini seems to mean "irrigation channels", BOERIO, s.v. cadin.

3 R: becchi and so MARSDEN "sheep or goats".

4 herbages FA,FB: herbage VA,P: herba Z,TA,LT,V,L,R omit. In view of what is said of the grass in this same plain it seems to be likely that we should read herberge. cf. pp.14 3 , 16o. B. printed herbages without note, & allowed "grass" (1931), but translated "alberghi" (1932).

5 color Z: coloris FA,FB: chaleur TA: chalore LT: callorem V,It: calor VA,VB: chaldo

VL: non a tanto chalore ne quel cholore P,R: omit.   B. (1932) substitutes luminoso.

6 il conteront   FB: conterons TA: chonterovi

' L,VA,VB,VL: "three" LT: ultra tres TA': oltre tre R: dodici FA,FB,Z,TA',P,V omit.