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0464 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 464 (Color Image)

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    we will tell you of a great battle which was between the king Caidu and Argon

  •  the son of king Abaga the lord of the Sunrising in such manner as you will be able

to hear it.

  • 20I •   L   OW ABAGA SENDS ARGON HIS SON TO WAR. Now you may know that the

   L   king or emperor Abaga who is of the imperial lineage, who was called the lord

   LT   of the Sunrising held many cities & provinces and many lands, and his

lands bordered on the lands of the king Caidu, and this was from towards the z FA Lone Tree which is called the Dry Tree in the book of king Alexandre, of which I

L have told you above.. And the vast river Gion divided these provinces which were the domain

  •  of these kings. And in order that the king Caidu nor his people should not do harm to his men nor to his lands Abaga sends his son Argon with a very great quantity TA of horsemen and foot into the country of the Dry Tree as far as to the river Gion, and there they stay with his host to guard his land that the people of the king

  •  Caidu may not harm them. So that in such way as you have heard Argon stayed LT a long time with his people in that plain of the Dry Tree and guarded many cities

  •  and many villages which were around him very well. Now it happened that the king Caidu gathered a great number of horsemen and made captain of them one who had Barac for name, his brother, who was [99c] a very wise and prudent man. z TA And Caidu told him that he wishes him to go to fight with Argon,[&]to do harm

  •  to the lands where this Argon was. Barac says that he will do all his commandment

  •  and will be forward with all his might to harm Argon and all his people. And after these words Barac with all his people who were indeed a very great number set himself on the road and they ride many journeys without finding adventure IT which does to mention till they were come to the great river of Gion and were near to Argon by ten miles . And what shall I tell you of it ? When Argon knows FA z how Barac was come upon him with such a great people he prepares himself very FA z well with all his people and went to meet him to a field where he pitched his tents.. And z they do not stay at all more than three days before both the parties were on the field prepared and armed, that is Argon with his people and Barac with his. And FA what shall I tell you about it ? When they were well prepared and drawn up both FA TA on one side and on the other, then the big drums begin to sound on the one side & on z the other. Then they make no delay but all immediately let the one people run toward the other. Now he could see arrows drawn out and flying here and there so that the air was so full of them that it was like rain. And when the one side and the other have shot all their arrows and that many men and many horses were killed

  •  there, then they laid hand on the lances and swords and on the clubs and run each TA upon other and begin the most cruel and wicked battle that ever was seen in the world.