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0094 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 94 (Color Image)

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    FB L uses of the Tartars and their language and their letters and their archery so well that it seemed a wonder to all ; for I tell you quite truly that before a great deal of time after he FB LT carne to the court of the great lord, he knows several languages and four other different LT VB letters and writings so that he could read and write in any of those languages very well ;•so that no

other surpassed hire in virtue and noble manners, kindly and gracious with all, loved and received

by all. That noble youth being already come to a good age, he was wise and prudent [7d] vB beyond measure, and much did the great Kaan above all men wish him great good for the goodness which he saw in him and for the great valour . And when the great Kaan P VB sees that Marc was so wise he wished to try his sense • as one who he secretly hoped was very apt P R P and well able to obtain what he wished; he sends him messenger on some • important •royal LT L business to a very distant land to a city named Caragian, to which he hardly goes in six VB VB months of marches. The young bachelor does this embassy well and wisely. Being

furnished with his necessities he set himself riding on the road, and arriving & being furnished with his necessities he returned to the lord. And because he had many times seen and heard that the great Kaan, when the messengers whom he sent through the different parts of the world, when they came back to him and told him the mission for which they were gone and were not able to tell him other news of the countries where they were gone, he told them that they were fools and ignorant, and said that he would like better to hear the new things and the customs and the usages of those strange countries than he did to hear those matters for which he had sent them; so Marc, vL who knew all this well, when he went on that mission would fix his attention, noting R and writing all the novelties and all the strange things which he had heard and seen • FB FB according to the countries, going and coming, so that he might Ite able to recount them, on

R L his return, to the great Kaan to satisfy his wish. • He also brought with him very many and

strange wonders, and this pleased the lord greatly.


GREAT KAAN . When Marc was come back from his mission he went before

VB 1 1 the great Kaan and reports to him with very great wisdom how much he had succeeded about all the affair for which he [8a] was gore, and he had carried it out very TA well. Then he tells him all the novelties and all the great things which he had seen on VB that road so well and cleverly beyond the wont of the other ambassadors who had been sent TA before that the great Kaan & all his barons were much pleased, and all those who hear TA VB him have great wonder at it & commended him for great sense & great goodness. • To the

lord this noble youth seemed to have divine rather than human understanding, & the love of the

lord increased; & the more he learned of the excellence of his virtue the more gladly he saw

him, until by the lord and by the whole court there was nothing more wonderful told than of the wisdom of the noble youth, and they said among themselves, If this youth lives