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0440 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 440 (Color Image)

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    VA L the people are all •very large and stout, though it is true that they are not so tall in proportion as they are stout. For I[tell]you that they are so stout and so

P P P large-limbed that   they were correspondingly tall they would seem without doubt to be
giants. Moreover I tell you that they are immensely strong, for they carry a load z for four' other men who are not of the island. And this is no wonder, for I tell you z V FB that he eats food for five men of another country . • And they are all black and go quite LT naked except that they are covered in their natural parts. And they do very wisely to

V LT cover them for they have them very large & ugly & horrible to see .•And they all have the FA hair so curly & black like pepper that it could hardly be made to stretch out with

v z vL L water. And they have so great a mouth also and the great & red nose so flat and turned P G LT upwards • toward the forehead • like an ape, • and beards, and nostrils so thick that it is wonderful.

L FB They have the ears large, and the lips thick, turned outwards, and the eyes so large & so bloodshot & so red2 that they are a very horrible thing to see; for whoever should

  •  z see them in another country would say of them rightly that they' were infernal devils. VB v They are great merchants & do great trade. Elephants enough are bred there, and they

  •  P make great trade of the tusks of elephants. And they have also in this island many z FB lions of another fashion than are the rest of them elsewhere. They have also bears &

  •  lynxes enough and leopards and many other beasts are bred there also. And what shall P P I tell you of it ? They have in the same way all animals of this island different from z FB all the others of other regions in the world. Moreover I tell you that they have their VB sheep and ewes all of one likeness and of one colour of a fashion different from what

L they are in other places, for they are all white and have the head all very black. And in all this island you will not find either sheep or ewe which is not [92c] of this kind R that I have described to you. And so are made all the dogs of the said island. There are FB bred also many sorts of giraffes in plenty, which are very beautiful things to see. She is made in such a way as I shall describe to you. Now you may know that she VB has a short body' and is rather low behind, for the hind legs arc small & short VB and the legs in front long and tall, and the neck she has very large, so that her head

  •  is really about three paces high from the ground. And she has a small head and

L V L is gentle and does no harm to any . And she is in colour all red and white in beautiful z rings, and it is a very beautiful thing to see. And again I wish to tell you something of the elephant which I had forgotten. Now you may know that when the bull FB elephant wishes to pair with the female elephant he hollows out a great pit in the

' VL: "six"

2 si Rouillas et si Rouges FA: si esroilliez & si rouges

3 TA: chorta choda