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0311 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 311 (Color Image)

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its rule, that is to say that they are noble and great and all of great value, for they are v FB

cities of great trade and of great profit, for they have silk beyond measure, and y

therefore there are many merchants in this city. And I tell you that it used to have a king P

before it was made subject to the great Kaan. In the 12721 year [bob] of the incarnation of

Christ the great Kaan had sent a baron of his who had Liitan Sangon for name to TA

go to this city and to this province that he should rule and guard and keep it safe. VB

Moreover he gives eighty thousand' horsemen to this Liitan to keep this watch.

And when this Liitan has stayed with all these people in this province awhile, FB FB

the;i, • seeing himself at the head of so many men and of so rich and fertile a land, growing proud VB

and•considering his ability to rule, he was infected with imaginations of treason and like a z

traitor he thinks of doing a very great disloyalty, and you shall hear what. He was

speaking with all the wise men of all these cities and led them away with the deceitful z z

proposal, and plans with them that they should rebel against the great Kaan. And

they do it with the consent and goodwill of all the people of the cities and villages of z R

the province, for they rebel against the great Kaan and were willing to obey him in FB

nothing, and made their captain that Liitan who was come from the lord to guard and protect FB

them. And when the great Kaan knows this he orders there immediately two of his FB

most noble barons who had for names the one Agiul and the other Mongatai, and with VB FB FB

them he sends quite a hundred thousand horsemen and many on foot. And why should VB

I make you a long story ? You may know quite truly that when Liitan Sangon knew VB of the coming of the said two captains with so great an army he too made ready his people, and with no less number than that of the great Kaan, and came as fast as he could to the encounter; and when the two armies had found one another these two barons with all their people FB fought with Liitan who was a rebel and with all the people on his side whom he can FB assemble from the country round, who were indeed about a hundred thousand horsemen FB and a very great quantity of men on foot. They were fighting hand to hand with great vB slaughter on one side and on the other; but such was the luck' that in the end Liitan lost v the battle and was killed there with many others in the battle. And when the captain VB was dead the whole host took to flight, and as the Tartars followed then a great quantity were killed and many taken. • And so the two barons whom the lord had sent had the victory, • and FB 7. they quickly defeated Liitan with his army.. And when the great Kaan knew this he was very FB glad because of it. And after that Liitan was discomfited and dead the great Kaan

1 VB,R: 1272 FA,FB,TA,LT: 1273 V,VA,P,Z,L omit.

2 VB: 7000o V: molti niera—and so for i00000 &c. below.

3 lautature for lauenture Note that this is exactly the corruption which is suggested on p. 75 above, autaesse for a uenesse.