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0504 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 504 (Color Image)

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CINGHIS ASKS FOR THE DAUGHTER OF UNCANMARCO POLO a very great multitude of people, being much exalted in mind he determined to request the daughter of Umechan, that is in our way of Presto Zane, for wife. And he chose a noble and rich embassy and sent it to Presto Zane with these words, that Zinzin Chan their great and grand lord having always loved his rule had planned with effect to show this his delight and love towards that lord; that here on behalf of their lord he prayed not only that he would give his daughter for wife, but that this relationship might be the occasion of increasing the love between them, and that two lords of so great power might be united in bonds of love and kinship, and that this kinship should be for the greatest praise and strength of both their lordships. When Presto Zane had heard the message of Zinzin Chan, all furious and full of wrath being unable to restrain his words he cried and said, What rashness is that of Zinzino my subject and tributary that he dares to ask of me the daughter of his lord for wife ? Whence has he got so much pride and so much rashness ? Does he not know how little understanding there is in him? I determine to correct him so that in future he may know. Go therefore and tell Zinzino speedily that I shall come to find him, and that he prepare himself with his army because I am determined to give him for wife that woman which his folly deserves, and then I believe he will learn who he is and who is Presto Zane; and go quickly for I shall quickly be with him.

When the ambassadors were returned and the reply had been heard from the ambassadors, immediately he called together all his barons and in their presence desired the ambassadors who were returned to say what Presto Zan had answered to his embassy. When they had heard the message all remained in silence. Then Zenzin Chan spoke to them and said, My comrades and brothers, I do not doubt that you remember the hatred which lord Umechan had always borne you, because to destroy you he planned when we lived in our city of Caracoron to separate you in many directions and in many lands that he might be able afterwards to arrange our destruction as he pleased. But indeed your courage provided that his most evil will should not be carried out. Forsaking your country and your houses you have lived in savage places with so many discomforts to yourselves and your children, you have borne all things so as not to put your life in the hands of Umenchan. Nevertheless, having regard not to offend our gods nor wishing to return evil for evil, I have not sought to avenge myself for the offence done to us, but rather to find goodwill and to have him for a friend. To have the means of this goodwill I have wished to make myself his kinsman and have sent to him, as you know, to ask of him his daughter for wife. The answer he has made you have heard, and you may be judges of our right. Let us look to our deeds and let us not wait for him to come to give us that


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