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0384 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 384 (Color Image)

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   FB   ERE HE TELLS OF THE KINGDOM OF LAMBRI. When one sets out from this
kingdom of Dagroían then one fends the next kingdom which is called Lambri.

   VB VA Z   Lambri the fifth kingdom • of this island is a kingdom which_ has a king and a
TA P speech for itself and is claimed for the great Kaan. And •the inhabitants of this kingdom, TA P they are idolaters. And there are brazils in very great abundance. They have also

  •  camphor and they have cloves and many other dear spices in great quantity. And of brazil I tell you that they sow it and when it is grown into a little twig they dig VA FB VB it up and plant it again in another place; and there they leave it to grow for the space VB of three years, and then they dig it up with all [77a1 the roots and plant it again L several times. • And so they sell it. Moreover I tell you quite truly that we brought FB FB away some of that said seed of the brazil to Venese and sowed it on the ground. Yet VB I tell you that it did not grow there at all; and I believe this came about through the VA vs cold position, because they had not hot ground, even very hot, • and the seeds died. And again we will tell you a thing which well makes one marvel. For I tell you quite truly VB that there are men in this kingdom who have tails behind more than a palm in size, z and they are not hairy;1 and these who are so made are all the most. And men like

  •  those stay outside on the mountains and not in cities . And the tails are thick as a dog's VA VB P tail. • And this you must hold for certain to be true. They have unicorns and other very strange beasts enough. They have hunting and chase enough of birds and of beasts v v of many sorts. Now we have told you of Lambri. In this realm there is nothing else to say v FB and so we will leave you it and will go to the next kingdom and will tell you of Fansur.

  • 170 .   FB   T T ERE HE TELLS OF THE KINGDOM OF FANSUR. And when one departs from   t
    this kingdom of Lambri then one finds another kingdom which has Fansur for name. VB 1 1 Fansur the sixth kingdom is a kingdom by itself, and they have a king and L are idolaters and are claimed of the great Kaan. They are of this same island of Java z FB of which we have told you above. The best camphor which can be found. in the world. z VB which is called Fansuri camphor grows in this kingdom, and it is worth much more than the other is worth. For I tell you that it is sold by weight for the same amount FB VA FB of fine gold. They have no wheat nor other corn, but eat rice enough •with flesh and milk. They have wine from the trees, from those of which I have told you above z in the chapter of Sumatra. Moreover I will tell you another thing which does well to FB tell for a great wonder. You may know that in this province they have flour from

  •  these trees, and I will tell you [77b] how they have. You may know that they have

1 pinbeust FA,FB: pelues B. reads pileuse S: que tienen plumas en la parte secreta grandes y gruessas y luengas conio ansares., representing VL : che ano le pene in lo culo grande e grosse e longe come ano le oche