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0475 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 475 (Color Image)

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THE DESCRIPTION OF THE WORLD. THE RULE OF QUTACATU I swear to thee that ill for thee hast thou corne to nie. And he says that he will do with him that which by reason he will wish to be done with him. Then immediately y with great wrath he commands that one takes him away from before him, and without taking counsel with any other commands that he be shot with arrows and y killed and deprived of life. And his command was done immediately. He to whom y Argon commands this duty seized Acmat and takes him off into such a place that he was never seen. And this was no wonder, for he had him killed and the body cast into such a place that he was never seen. In such a way as you have heard goes the affair of Argon and of Acmat his uncle.


AFTER THE DEATH OF ARGON.) And when Argon had done all this that

you have heard above, and he was [Io4a] in the chief palace and had all z

the rule, then all' the barons from all parts, those who were subject to Abaga y his father, came[and]did him homage there as they ought to do to their lord, and z all obey him as they ought to do . And after Argon had well & perfectly obtained L all the rule he sends his son Caçan with quite thirty' thousand' horsemen to the y Dry Tree, that is to that country, to guard and to save his land and his people from enemies, as he himself had done. And Acmat ended his life and Argon recovers his L V rule in such way as you have heard. And you may know that when Argon enters into rule it was in the 12863 year from the incarnation of Jesus Christ. And Acmat Sol[dan] holds the rule two years, and Argon reigns six years. And at the end of six years Argon died of his illness; and indeed it was said by some that he died of a drink. v

HOW QUTACATU TOOK THE RULE AFTER THE DEATH OF ARGON. And when Argon was dead an uncle of his who had been real brother of Abaga his father, who had Quiacatu for name, as soon as Argon was dead he took the rule. And he can well do this because Caçan son of Argon was so far away v as at the Dry Tree. And yet it is true that when Caçan knows well that his father was V v dead and how Quiacatu had taken the rule, he had great vexation at the death of his father and he had even greater vexation at this that the uncle had taken the rule from the father. And he cannot depart from there for fear of his enemies, V but yet he [1o4h] says that he will indeed go in time and in place in such a way z that he will make such war and take quite as great vengeance on him as his father V took on Acmat. And what shall I tell you of it ? So this Quiacatu keeps the rule V and all were obedient to him except only those who were with Caçan. He took the wife of his nephew Argon and keeps her for himself; and he took very great V

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i e tuft Z: onuses omitting e 3 L: 1266.

2 Z: 60000