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0126 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 126 (Color Image)

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call it no more wine, because with the change of taste the name also of wine is changed. Now let us leave these kingdoms and we shall tell you of the great city of Iasd, all its doings [15b] and its customs.

  • 34 •   z   ERE HE TELLS OF THE CITY OF IASD. Iasd is in the borders of Persie itself,

   VB   a very good city and noble, worthy of particular description and of great

   TA VA VB TA   and various trade. And many most beautiful cloths of gold and of silk which

LT V are called Iasdi are made there, which the merchants carry them to many parts in FB V L VB the east to make their business and their great profit. And they worship and hold the P VB faith of Mahomet there. And when one departs from this land of Iasd to go forward V LT he rides quite seven' days journeys towards Cherinan all level, and except in three L places there is found there no house where one could lodge. There are many beautiful L Z LT VB small woods producing dates, • and beautiful plains where one can very well ride. There z FB FB L is also much fine chase of animals' and much fine fowling. • And likewise there are FB partridges and quails enough and many other kinds of birds, and the merchants who V z FA ride that way through that plain • and those who delight in these things • take many of them, V L L from which they take great pleasure & enjoyment therein. And there are also found many z and very beautiful onagers, that is to say wild asses. And at the end of these seven FB VB FB days journeys of plain is found a city which is called, and it is a great realm which is very beautiful which is called, Cherman.

  • 3 5 •   VA   ERE HE TELLS OF THE REALM OF CHERMAN. Cherman is a great kingdom

   z z L   in the borders of Persie itself toward sunrising, • and the city has the same
name. And anciently its ruler had it by inheritance; but since the Tartars conquered it the rule does not go by inheritance, but the Tartar sends there V L L that lord whom he wishes from his land, and they govern. •And in the mountains of L this kingdom are produced the precious stones which one calls turquoise, and they are there in great abundance, for they find them in the mountains, for they dig z them out in veins of the rock. And again they have veins of steel and of andanique Z VB V enough found in those mountains, • the best the world has. • And in this city they employ themselves with all horsemans harness very well, that is bridles [15c] and saddles FB and spurs and swords and bows and quivers and all their other kinds of armour VB VL according to their usages which all those provinces have. And the ladies of the men of VL FB that land do no work but order their maidservants and damsels who work too cunningly and FB very nobly with the needle in beasts and in birds and in trees and in flowers and in

I V, VB, R: "eight"

2 chachaion de bosces   Z: uenationes siluestrium   R: cacciagioni d' animali saluatichi   FB: belles

chaces FA: biau chacier So correct, chachaiori de bestes TA: begli boschi   B. keeps bosces.