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0234 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 234 (Color Image)

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L L it is ordered which of these thirteen robes must be worn, each namely to its own feast. FB FB And also the great lord has thirteen suits of them like those of his barons, that is in

  •  colour; but they are more noble and of much greater value and better adorned.'

  •  And so at any of the regular feasts when the lord is dressed in the prescribed robe he is always FB dressed in a like one with his barons who are as it were his companions. Now I have told you of the thirteen robes which the twelve thousand barons have from their lord, which are among all 156000 robes so dear and of great value as I have told you, which are worth so great a quantity of treasure that [41a] the number could hardly be told, without the belts & the boots which are also worth treasure enough. And VA the great lord has done all this that his court & his feasts may be more honourable LT and greater. And so the story is told of the robes which this emperor gives to these barons at FB this feast. And again I will tell you a thing which I had forgotten to relate, which seems VA a great wonder which is somewhat fit to relate in our book. For you may know that VA when the great Kaan makes feast and ceremony as I have said above, a great lion is brought before the great lord. And as soon as he sees him the lion throws himself down lying before him and makes signs[of]great humility, and seems to know him for lord. R FB LT P He is so tame that he stays thus before him with no chain and not tied at all, • lying quietly at the king's feet like a dog; and it is indeed a thing which makes one wonder, FB which is very strange hearing for all those who have not seen it. Now let us leave you this FB thing of which I have told you all well and orderly, and we will tell you of the great hunt LT of wild animals which are sent to the court, which the great lord causes to be made as FB FB you shall be able to hear, that he may have game as long as he stays in his capital city of Catai, which has Cambaluc to name.


   FB   Now you may know truly that while the great lord stays in the chief city

   LT FB   of Catai, that is in Cambaluc, these three months, they are to wit December

R and January and February, in which is the great cold, he has determined that sixty3

addition to the first sentence of this chapter (p. 22.5, n.1 above).

1 & un telz aornes No other text seems to have anything corresponding to these meaningless words, except perhaps L: simili induitur vestimento, but the corrupt sentence in V mentioned above says et meio et piu richamente vestiti et adornadi, words which support B.'s conjecture: & mielz aornes.

2 Cornant le gran kan a ordree qe seç fens li ap. Rubrica. The same omission of portent uenoisons (presumably due to an ancient binder) is found in the table of contents, though that often seems to be taken from an independent source.

3 FA, VA, P: "sixty" VL: x.x.x.   Others "forty", and so below. FB (accidentally):