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0294 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 294 (Color Image)

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V FB to his house. And after all this is done the sick dies, or is healed and gets up quite well

L immediately. These answers, even though they sometimes fail, are nevertheless very often R true, they say. •And if by God's providence the sick man is healed, they say that that idol to which the sacrifice was made has healed him . But if he dies, they say that the sacrifice has been cheated, that is that those who prepared the food tasted it before his part had been given to the idol. And these ceremonies are not done for every sick man, but once or twice a month for some great rich man. And this thing is practised also in all the province of Catai and of Mangi and by almost all the idolaters, because they have not many physicians. And in this way the demons mock the blindness of those unhappy people. Now I have told you the manner and FB FB the bad customs of these bad people and how these magicians know how to charm

V FB FB the spirits of this people. Now we will leave telling you of these people and this FB province and we will tell you of the others as you will be able to hear and understand after this all clearly in order one after the other.


   FB   Now you may know that we had forgotten to tell you of a very fine battle

   R VA FB   which was in the aforesaid kingdom of Caragian and of Uncian which is in

V the province of Çardandan, which does well to mention in [55d] this our book. And so R before we go farther we will tell you quite clearly how it happened and in what way. It was true that in the 1272 year of the incarnation of Christ the great Kaan sends Er a great prince of his who was called Nescradin, with a great army into the kingdom of Uncian and of Caragian by which they might be guarded and saved, that other R FB R V strange •evil people who might wish to attack them, should do them no harm, because they are the borderlands of the great Kaan. For the great Kaan had not yet sent any of his FB VB sons there for lord as he did afterwards; for he made Esentemur his grandson, who was son to his son who had died, king of it. Now it happened that the king' of R Mien and of Bangala in Indie who was a very powerful king both in lands and in treasure and in people; and this king was not' subject to the great Kaan,3 but then not much time passes before the great Kaan conquers him and took from him both the kingdoms which I have named to you above; and this king of Mien and VA of Bangala, which borders on Caragian, when he knows that the army of the great VB P Kaan was at Uncian, was displeased at it and. terrified, fearing that perhaps they were come R to invade his lands. He said to himself that it is necessary that he go there to fight

1 P, LT have "kings", and the verbs plural, throughout. TA,Z,L omit the story.

2 e cestui roi cull cestui rois ne estoit FA,FB omit cnn cestui rois, which nevertheless may just possibly mean " with this king[of Bangala]".

3 FA,FB reproduce this ungrammatical sentence exactly.