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0435 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 435 (Color Image)

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quantity of salt fish both very large and good, in which they do great trade. And they L VB V

live on rice,' of which there is much, and on flesh and fish, of which there is enough, and G G

on milk, for they have no other corn at all but rice. They all go quite naked both P z VB

men and women, only covered in front & behind in the manner and in the custom of the

other idolater Indians. Moreover I tell you that many ships come to this island

with many merchants and with many wares which they sell in this island, and they

carry away again with them of the things which are in the island, of which they nuke z

great gain and profit. And you may know that all the ships and the merchants which z

wish to go to Aden come to this island. This archbishop of this island has nothing L

to do with the Apostle of Rome, but I tell you that he is subject to another Arch- VB

bishop' who lives at the city of Baudac. And this Archbishop of Baudac sends this R

Archbishop of' this island, or those of the island choose him and the Catholicus confirms z

him; and he also sends all the prelates, archbishops, bishops, & clergy whatever into many L

parts of the world over there even as the Apostle of Rome does here. [91a] And all FB FB

these clergy and prelates are not obedient to the Church of Rome but they are all

obedient to that great prelate of Baudac whom they have for their Pope. And

again I tell you that many corsairs come to this island with their ships when they

have made their cruise, and make camp there and sell all the things which they have

stolen at sea. Moreover I tell you that they sell them very well there, for the VA

Christians who are there know that all those things are robbed from idolaters and

from Saracens and not front Christians, and for this reason the Christians hold that vB

they can lawfully buy them all •gladly. And again you may know that if the Arch- z VA

bishop of this island of Scotra dies it is the rule that the next come from Baudac,

nor otherwise would they ever have Archbishop there; or if they themselves choose him, z

that he be con firmed in Baudac. Moreover I tell you that the Christians of this island

are the best & the most wise necromancers & charmers that are to be found in the world; L VB z

though it is true that the Archbishop does not wish them to do those enchantments

and forbids as much as he can and chastises and admonishes them for it,   says that it z TA
is sin. But it avails nothing, because they say that their ancestors did them of old and therefore they say that they wish to do them still. And the Archbishop can do no more than those are willing, so he bears with it so far, since he can do no other,' nor can know who has done them, and though he excommunicates them yet it is of no z

1 V here, as often, substitutes sorgo for "rice".

2 Z: çatholic V: gerolio VB: arziuescouo the si apellado califo the demora in baldach

3 Z: ad

4 E le arceuesqe ne guet faire plus que celzuelent si sen sofre autant puis que il ne puet autre fare B. adds puis after plus V: et dixeno the lore vol chelil fana siche larziueschouo non puol far piu de quello cheli uol