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0331 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 331 (Color Image)

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by crafts. And they have silk enough; and they make of it cloth of gold and of silk FB FB FB

and of many kinds. And there are rich merchants and great. And it is a land of pleasure • z FB R

and they have hunting and chase enough of all sorts of beasts and of birds. And FB R FB

they have great plenty both of corn and of the other things of life. And there are z L FB

also in this city two churches of Nestorian Christians. And this came about from z

the 1278 year from the incarnation of Christ our Lord onward, and I will tell you TA

how it happened. It was true that there had never been a monastery of Christians

there nor had there been Christian God' until that time; for• it happened in the v FB

1278 year of the said incarnation that the lord sent there for three years a baron who FB FB

had for name Marsarchis, who was a Nestorian Christian,' who was to be governor FB FB

there for the great Kaan. And this Marsarchis did so; and while he dwelt there three FB

years for the lord he had those two Christian churches, of which I have told you, made FB FB

there, and from that time onwards there have been churches where Nestorian VB

Christians dwell, though before there was no church, nor Christian dwelt there. Now vs

we will leave speaking to you of this matter' and will tell you of another city very FB

great, which is called Ciangiu.4

ERE HE TELLS OF THE CITY OF CIANGIU. When one leaves the aforesaid v   • I So


city of Cinghianfu he goes riding three days journeys towards the FB   •

sirocco always finding cities and villages enough of great trade and of great handicrafts. The people of which, they are all idolaters, and are subject to the y y rule of the great Kaan, and have money of notes. And at the end of these three days FB

i ourneys then one finds the city of Ciangiu which is very great and noble & good & TA beautiful, full of arti&ans and merchants. And the people [65c] of it are idolaters and v are subject to the rule of the great Kaan, and their money is of notes. And they live v FB FB by trade and by crafts. And there is silk enough; and they make cloth of gold and FB FB of silk in great quantity and of many makes and very beautiful. It is a country of V R great delight. They have moreover fine chase and hunting enough both of various beasts z z & of birds. And they have great abundance of all things of life, for it is a very FB V fertile land. Moreover the inhabitants are very bad people and of evil nature. I will tell R you a very great wonder and an evil thing which those of that city did and how they FB bought it dearly . It was true that when the province of Mangi was taken by the men of the great Kaan and Baian (that is, Hundred Eyes) was their head of it for the R FB

1 ne neis en dieu cristienç B. conjectures ne neisun creant eu dieu cristienç, which at least makes good sense, "nor any believer in the Christian God".

2 VA: marsachis veschouo

3 maiuerie Z: de ista materia

4 tinghingiu See PN.