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0476 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 476 (Color Image)

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  •  v enjoyment with her and with the many other ladies, for he was a man of very great self-indulgence. And what shall I tell you about it? Quiacatu, he holds the rule for two years, and at end of two years he died, for you may know that he was poisoned with drink.


Quiacatu was dead then Baidu who was his uncle and was a Christian took the rule; and it was in the I294 year from the incarnation of

Christ. Baidu holds the rule and all the people were obedient to him but

Caçan and his army alone. And when Caçan knows how Quiacatu was dead and how

v z Baidu the uncle had taken the rule, he has great wrath for the death of Quiacatu

  •  because he cannot take vengeance on him, but he says indeed with an oath that on Baidu he will take such vengeance that all the world shall talk of it. And he says to himself that henceforth he will not stay longer but will go upon

  •  Baidu to put him to death. And then he prepares himself immediately with all his

L L people gathered together from every side and sets himself on the road to return to the court to take the rule. And when Baidu knows certainly how Caçan came upon

  •  him, he too gathers a great quantity of people and prepares himself and goes [Io4c]

L V to meet him quite ten journeys from the court; and there he pitched his camp and made himself ready with all his people and waited for Caçan and his people to fight with him. And he prays his people much and exhorted them to do well. And why should I make you a long story ? You may know quite truly that he does not stay at all two days after Baidu was come there before Caçan with all his people were

  •  come there into that same place. Moreover I tell you of a truth that the same day that they came there they begin the very cruel and most evil battle.' But it avails

  •  V nothing, God willed, that he should be able long to stand against the force of Caçan; and especially because after the battle was begun many of those who were with Baidu turned round from toward Caçan and fight against Baidu. And for this

  •  reason Baidu was beaten and he was likewise killed there, and Caçan won the battle

  •  and was lord and master of all things. And when he had won the battle and put Baidu to death he goes back to court and took the rule and all the barons do him

  •  homage and obey him as liege lord. And it was thus then that Caçan begins to reign and had the dominion in the 1294 year from the incarnation of Christ. In such

  •  way as you have heard goes all this affair' of the Tartars in the lands of the Sunrising

1 Some sentence descriptive of the prowess of Baidu or of his men may have been omitted here.

2 L: progenies