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0314 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 314 (Color Image)

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  • 134•

THE RIVER & MERCHANDISE OF SINGIU MATU ."MARCO POLO hissing. Then the old womanrgives]them many thanks in this way. For she raises her hands before them, she will gnash the teeth three times, saying something like, Oh how worthy a thing, how holy, and how virtuous. And she will say to him who has lost horses, You may go to such a place and there you shall find them; or, Robbers found them in such a place and are leading them away with them in such a direction, run and you shall find them. And it is found exactly as she has said. So that in this way nothing is lost which cannot be found. And when the lost things are found, then men reverently and devoutly offer to the idols perhaps an ell of some fine cloth, as it might be of sendal of silk, or gilded. And I Marc found in this way a certain ring of mine which was lost; but not that I made them any offering or homage.

  •     Now we will leave this city and this matter, since we have told it you in order, FB and we will tell you of another country' which is towards midday and is named Singiu.

  • 135 •   ERE HE TELLS OF THE NOBLE CITY OF SINGIU MATU. When one sets out

   FB   from Tundinfu he goes riding three' days marches by midday, always

   z VB   finding many cities & villages noble and good and rich and of great trade

VB R and full of merchants, and of great crafts. They are idolaters and subject to the great Kaan. I/ v And there is chase and hunting and hawking enough of bears, stags, and every animal, z VB and all kinds of birds and beasts. • And it is very fertile country, and they have of all TA FB VB things for food in great plenty. And when one is gone riding these said three days journeys then one finds the noble city of Singiu matu which is very great and rich TA VB and beautiful, full of merchants and of merchandise, and of great trade and of great arts. VB VB They are all idolaters and are subject to the rule of the great Kaan. They have their money of notes. Moreover I tell you that they have a river from which they have z great profit, and I shall tell you how. It is true that this great river comes from

L towards midday as far as to this city of Singiu matu . And there the men of the town

  •  have made of this great river two of them; for they make the one half go toward

  •  sunrising and the other half go toward sunset, and these go through different regions, that is that one goes to Mangi and the other through Catai. Moreover I tell you FB for truth that this town has so great boats, that is so great quantity of boats, that FB there is no one who did not see who could believe if he heard it told by another. Do z not understand [hod] that they are large ships, but they are such as can be steered[and] N,7 are needed for large rivers. Moreover I tell you that these boats carry and come to

V VA Mangi and through Catai and take so very great abundance of goods that it is a

1 TA: chontrada corrected to citta V: zitade

2 Z, R: "seven"—and so below. VA gives the distances of Ciangli, Tundinfu, & Singiu

all as