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0270 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 270 (Color Image)

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happily and obedient to thy lord from whom in this hour thou hast life and lordship as a gift. LT VB Certainly, fair Sir, answers the King of Gold, falling prostrate on the earth, I know it

V well and I always knew that there was not a man in the world who could contest LT VB with you.' And I have borne myself ill about you; •thy ungrateful servant deserves not so LT high a gift from thy lordship.. I repent much, and promise on my faith that I will always be VB your friend. • The gift of life as the lowest servant of thy flock was enough for me; but since the clemency of thy lordship is so great that by one stroke thou hast given me life and rule at once, I thank thee for it with this special promise, that thou shalt have none for servant more faithful than me nor more grateful for gifts received from thee, nor shall I ever cease to pray

  •  the gods to preserve thy most clement rule. And since thou hast said this and confessest with thine own mouth that thou art nothing in respect of me, says the Prester Johan, I LT FB ask nothing more of thee, king.' I will make thee no more hardship and pain; •but in

  •  future I shall do thee service and honour; and for victory it shall be enough for me that VA LT VA I could have killed thee. Then immediately the Prester Johan has many horses and arms LT and • much harness given to the King of Gold and gives him a very fine company and lets him go. And he sets out and goes back to his realm, and from that hour

  •  forward was his friend and his vassal, giving Prester Johan honour and obedience in all R that he wished as long as he lived.. And this is as much as was told me of this King of Gold. FB FB Now let us leave telling you of this matter which befell the King of Gold, & we shall FB tell you of another matter to pursue our subject.


   R FB   sets out from this castle of Caiciu and he goes riding about twenty

   FB   miles by sunsetting then he finds a great river which is called Caramoran

which is so large that it cannot be crossed by a bridge, for it is very broad and K R FB FB deep with very strong current, and this river goes to the great Ocean sea which surrounds R the world, that is all the land, • as will be said below. And on this river are many cities LT FB and villages where there are many merchants and artizans, and upon this river great FB L FB trade is done there. For in all the country about this river much ginger is produced'

L L and they have silk in very great abundance. There is so great a multitude of birds R that it is a wonder incredible, and specially of pheasants . For one would have three pheaFB VA sants there for one Venetian groat, that is [49b] an asper of silver which is worth little R more. An infinite number of thick canes, some of which are of a foot, others of a foot and a

1 FA,FB: que ie nestoie pas TA: chio non era LT: non eram V: non son signor al mondo the te possa far vera Others omit.

2 ie ne te dernant plus rois B. suggests ren for rois. TA: non ti voglio piu fare noia

3 FB: Car sus ce fluti fait len moult de marchandises. pour ce que en la contree enuiron croist gingenhre But TA, LT, V A, P, V, L, R agree with F.