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0455 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 455 (Color Image)

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it and will tell you about the great Turquie so as you will be able to hear again z clearly.

Since we have finished these which I have set out concerning Indie and also other. provinces &• p LT regions of Ethiopia, I will now before I put an end to our book return to certain • noble & very p LT good provinces &regions opposite, which are in the farthest parts of the north, about which I p

had omitted for the sake of brevity to tell in their own place in the earlier parts of the book.

ERE HE TELLS OF THE GREAT TURQUIE. In the great Turquie at the time L of Master Marc Pol is a great king who is called Caidu who is of the royal LT L stock and grandson to the great Kaan, for he was son of the son of Ciagatai who was real brother to the great Kaan. He has many cities and villages and is a

~r   very [96c] great lord. And he is a Tartar and his people are also all Tartars and are y LT

;'I   good men of arms & valiant in battle. And it is no wonder for they are all people VB

continually used to war &' quarrels. Moreover I tell you that this Caidu never had V TA

peace' with the great Kaan but had with him great war always. And you may know 1,T

that this great Turquie is toward the plough-beam when one departs from this

road from Curmos of which we have told you. The great Turquie is beyond the

river of Gion and stretches from toward tramontaine as far as to the lands of

the great Kaan. Moreover I tell you that this Caidu has already made many battles

with the people of the great Kaan, and I will tell you the quarrel which he has

with him . For you may know quite truly that Caidu always demanded of the great z

Kaan that he wished his share of the conquest which they have made,' & which FA

he ought to have, and specially he asks for a share of the province of Catai and of

the province of Mangi. And the great Kaan told him that he was quite willing

to give him his share as to the rest of his sons, so indeed as he should be bound to z

go to his court and to his council every time that he should send to seek him; and

the great Kaan also wished that he should be obedient to him as the others his

sons and his barons who hold land of him • obey . And in this way the great Kaan said TA Z

that he was willing to give him a share of the conquest which they have made, if

he was willing to do that which you have heard. And Caidu who had rebelled many FA

times' and did not trust in his uncle the great Kaan said that he would not go at all, but he was willing to be obedient wherever he might dwell; but he says that he would not go there to his court for anything in the world, because he was

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1 pas for pes FB: pais

2 LT punctuates: "And you ... plough-beam. And when one ... told you the great Turquie ... stretches toward tramontaine"

3 FA,FB: que son pere si (FB) fist

4 V: iera romaxo driedo so auo