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0482 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 482 (Color Image)

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    and will tell you onward and will speak to you first of all of the province of Rosie.'


   LT   ought to know that that province of Rosie is a very great province & is

   R   situated t.T' placed at the arctic pole, this is towards tramontaine, where they

say this region of darkness is, and is divided into many parts. They are Christians and hold LT the Greek rule & rite in the Church offices. There are several kings, and they have a language for themselves. They are very simple people. But they are very beautiful

L LT and blond, both men and women, for they are all white and blond, G they all have R yellow & beautiful hair, • & long. There are many strong entries and strong passes. z z And they pay tribute to none, except that they pay sometimes (a part of them) to a LT king of the Sunsetting who is a Tartar, who has for name [io6a] Toctai, whose

neighbours they are   with whom they have a common boundary on the east side. To him
they give tribute and not much. It is not a land of trade, though it is true that they have much dear fur and of great value;2 for they have sables enough and VA ermines and squirrels and ercolins and foxes in very great abundance of the best in z the world and of the most beautiful. They have much wax. And again I tell you that G they have many silver mines where the silver-miners of the province they make silver z in very great plenty. It is so great a [io6b] province that it lasts as far as to the vL Ocean sea of tramontaine. Moreover I tell you that they have certain islands in that LT LT sea in which islands very many gerfalcons arc bred and many herodians, this is P peregrine falcons, so that they carry them away afterwards to different provinces & to many places of the world.' Moreover I tell you that from Rosie into Noroech there is not a great deal of road, and if it were not for the great cold one could z go there very soon; but because of the great cold which is there one cannot so well go there at all. But I wish to tell you also something about Rosie which I had forgotten. Now you may know quite truly that there is in Rosie the greatest cold G that is' in all the world, so that with great difficulty one escapes it there, the people z and the animals.`' • And such intense cold as there is not found in any part of the world; and f

1 It will be seen that Z (p. cxxi) puts chapters 218, 219 at the end of the book, and replaces the end of this chapter with the end of chapter 219 so as to introduce chapter 220.

2 See note on p. cxxix. VA: El nondene grande nierchadantie senora de pelle ... & so G. VL: qui se fanno gran mercadantie de pelisine . . .

3 P ends here: Explicit liber domini Marci pauli de veneciis de diuisionibus & consuetudinibus orientalium regionum Amen and VA: lausdeo: Finito e ellibro detnisier inarcho pollo zitadino de ueniexia per mi nicholo Vituri adi xxiiij° luio ano dnj rn°cccc°xlv. and VL: pelegrini del mondo. Amen

4 [qe surit

5 G ends here unfinished: di lute uncle di tier nerlichin mogin sich irnern des vrostis ...   But