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0292 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 292 (Color Image)

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    one of them is fallen in such way as you have heard, then they begin to speak to TA him and they ask him what sickness this sick man has and why he has it. And that one

  •  remaining in ecstasy answers, Such a spirit has smitten him because he did him some VB L VB great evil and displeasure, and he names some one. And the other magicians say to him, P L We pray thee that thou pardon him the fault and that thou accept and take from him FB for recompense of his blood those things' which thou wishest to have, all at thy will. VB VB And when these magicians have said these and many other like words and have prayed VB much the spirit who is in the body of the magician who is fallen down, then that

  •  spirit answers. And if it seems to the demon by the signs of the sickness that the sick man must

V die in that sickness of his, he answers like this and says, This sick man has done so

  •  much wrong to such a spirit and is so bad [55b] a man that the spirit will not be

  •  pacified by any sacrifice[or]pardon him for anything in the world. Within so many

  •  days he will die. This answer have those who must die. And if he shows' that the sick VA man must be healed of that disease, then the spirit which is in the body of the VA L magician' answers these magicians and says, He has offended much, but yet it shall be forgiven him. For if the sick man wishes to be healed let them take two sheep or FB VA three, and let them also make ten drinks or twelve or more, very dear and good to FB FB drink•and with good spices. And they say again that the sheep may have black heads,

L L or they describe them marked in another way just as they please to say . And he says FB that he make sacrifice of them to such an idol and to such a spirit—and he will VB naine hint, and that so many magicians and so many ladies, pythonesses, that is of FB those who have the spirits and who have the idols, may gather4 with them, and that FB FB they all must make great praises with great singing and with great lights and with good R odours and great feasting to such an idol and to such a spirit; and that in this way the

1 qe tu en prenne por restorament de son sanc celes couses FB: pour ton Restorement de son sang. ou de ses autres choses i.e., "that thou take from him in reparation some of his blood or of his other things." P: orant ut deus ille culpain eorum remittat, promittens ei quod ipse ei de sanguine proprio sacrificium offeret & so VA LT: uolumus ut sibi parcas et da de tuo sanguine et sta in pace quamdiu restauraberis de illo This, though obscure, rather suggests that it should read restorament de sa sante. B., remarking that the old versions have misunderstood it, explains "the restoration of his blood" as meaning "the restoration of his health" or "in exchange for his blood"; and translates salute. All the texts have "blood" except Z, which omits the whole passage, and L: et in restaurationem offensse accipiat et percipiat quicquid placet; nor is human blood in any way mentioned in the sequel.

2 indicat R: giudica evidently reading iudicat VA: chrede

3 V: chapo del amalado

4 enstuent Very slight alteration would turn this into en soient or, less probably, into sen nient FB: et que encore aient tacit L: adsint VB: se aduneno B. reads estuent and explains radunino