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0442 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 442 (Color Image)

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    VB half tipsy; and they do this because they say that when the elephant has drunk of that TA drink it goes there more willingly & becomes more fierce thereby and more proud and

is much better worth for it in the battle. Now we have told you a great part of all

things of this island, both of the men and of the beasts and of the merchandise;

v and there is no other thing which does to mention and for this reason we will z depart from it and will tell you of the great province of Abasce. But yet first of z LT all we will tell you something more of Indie. You may know quite truly that though

I have written many things of Indie & of the islands of it we have not told you of the z TA islands of Indie except only about the greater & the most noble provinces and realms and islands which are there; for there is no man in the world who could tell the vL truth of all the islands of Indie which are infinite so that the age of one man and of two would not be enough, & even of three, to search out all . But I have told you of all the best and of all the flower of Indie. For you may know that a great part of all the other islands of Indie of which I have not made mention to you [93a] are subject' to these of LT Z which I have told you above. And you may know quite truly that from sunrising to FB sunsetting there are 12700 islands which they know, without those where one cannot go, z z LT which are some inhabited and some uninhabited in this sea of Indie, according as the sailors and the great pilots of those regions say and as the compass and the writing of FB skilful sailors who frequent that great sea of Indie show. Now we will leave you P P then the greater Indie which is from the province of Maabar as far as to the kingdom of Kesmacoran, where there are thirteen very great realms of which we have told P FB VB you briefly cf tent of them, so that we shall pass briefly by three names; and it is •upon TA FB the sea on the firm land. • And know that the lesser Indie is from the province of Ciamba P FB as far as to the kingdom of Mutifili, where there are eight great realms, and it is firm TA TA land; and always understand that I have not told you[but of those on the firm FB land] (and all these realms are on the firm land, for those of the islands are on the large z islands which are not in this number); • always without those of the islands, which are a VB R very great quantity of realms.' Now we will tell you of a province of the second • or P rather the middle Indie which is called by the particular name of Abasce.


v   you may know that Abasce which is called Ethiopia is a very great province

   z VB S   which is called the middle or second Indie because it is between the greater &'

sunt sour a cestes FA: sous LT: subiecte Z: subdite

2 TA: "nine"

3 entendes qe ie ne uof sang celz de lisle Some words like ai contes for qe or ai contes for qe de celK. de la tere ferme must he supplied after uoç TA': Et sappiate chio nonvv detto di quegli