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0280 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 280 (Color Image)

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  • I 15.

SPICE & CHARMERS DOGS & FALCONS OF TEBET rMARCO POLO FB very great province, and I will tell you about it briefly again as you will be able to


. 116 •   FB   NCE MORE OF THE SAME PROVINCE OF TEBET. This province of Tebet is

FB   a very large province and they have a language for themselves as I have

VA   told you, and are idolaters, and border with the great province of Mangi

VA TA TA and with many other very large provinces. And they are many great robbers. And TA Z it isl so very great a province that there are eight large kingdoms in it and a very VB great number of cities and villages. There are in many places both very great rivers VA and lakes and mountains where grains of gold are found in great quantity. Much z ginger & cinnamon grows there in great abundance. And in this province amber and, • VB P Z L as I have said, coral is spent for money, and it is very precious and •those who bring it sell VA Z it very dear there, for they put it on the necks of all their wives with great joy and TA of their idols, and hold it for a great jewel.2 Again I tell you that in this province z is camlet enough and other cloths of gold and of silk and of fustian made. And many

L P kinds of the best spices grow there which are not brought to us ' were not ever seen in z TA our land. And again I tell you that in that province they have many of the most clever z charmers and the best astrologers according to their usage that are to be found in all those provinces which are about them. For they do the most rare enchantments VB FB in the world and the greatest marvels to hear and to see, and all by devils art, which it is not good to tell in our book because the people would be too much surprised. z R Z For they bring on tempests and lightnings •with thunderbolts •whenever they wish and compel VA FB them whenever[they wish]to cease, and do infinite wonders. They are bad men of very evil

V VB [52a] habits. They have the very largest hairy mastiff dogs in the world, which are z z as large as asses and are very good at catching all sorts of wild beasts; and they R z R z are • specially • clever at catching wild oxen, • which are called beyamini . • The oxen are very FB large and fierce, and are many there. . And so they have very great numbers of them, as I have FA FB told you. They have also several other kinds of hunting dogs. They have also mountains Z FB where very good lanner3 and saker falcons are bred which are very swift and hawk FB FB very well. Now we will leave speaking to you of this province of Tebet, of which we have told you well in sum the facts, and we will speak to you of another province z which is called Gaindu. But of this Tebet you understand that it belongs to the domain of the great Kaan. And all other kingdoms and provinces and regions which



VB:fo ea—"it was once"

2 ioie and so FA,FB V: alegreza VA: noia P: gloriam TA: gioia (ambiguous) Z: gaudio ... foie VB, LT, L, R, omit. The version follows the interpretation of Z. B. prefers

i{•   f7

Joy .

3 TA: pellegrini