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0117 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 117 (Color Image)

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THE DESCRIPTION OF THE WORLD THE SHOEMAKER IS FOUND by them in his conscience to sin, because his eyes saw them willingly. But immediately FB VB coming back to his usual virtue he lets the woman go out of the shop and would not sell VB her the shoes. And when the woman was gone away the master recalling the Gospel VB to memory, and grieved at the offence from the woman's leg, said to himself, Ha ! disloyal and treacherous man of nought, of what dost thou think ? Certainly thou hast done y y great wrong. And so I will certainly take great vengeance on my treacherous eyes which V make me offend. And so he takes all at once a little punch' with which he sewed • in FB VB the shop and makes it very sharp and strikes himself in the middle [i3b] of one of the eyes, the right eye, in such a way that he burst it in his head so that he saw no z more with that eye. In such way as you have heard does this shoemaker destroy him LT one of the eyes of the head, which thing clearly proves the greatness of his constant R faith ; and truly you may see that he was indeed a most holy man and just and good. FB FB Now then we will come back to our matter.

HOW THE VISION CAME TO THE BISHOP THAT THE PRAYER OF THE SHOEMAKER WOULD MAKE[THE MOUNTAIN MOVE]. Now you may know that when this vision was come many times to that bishop, as you have PB heard me relate above, that he must send for that shoemaker, and that he by his

prayer will make the mountain move by the power of God, this bishop told it one z FB

day •when the morning was come among the other Christians, when he had gathered them v TA

all together, • and all the archbishops, all the fact of the vision that was come to him y

so many times. So they all prostrate on the earth with very great tears of joy returned high VB

thanks to our Lord God that he had deigned to hear the tears and prayers of the Christian

people. And the Christians all agreed to make that shoemaker come before them,'

and then they immediately took pains • and many went and found the said shoemaker VB V

[and]made him come before these bishops. And when he was come the shoemaker V VB

presented himself to them with the greatest reverence, by whom he was received with very great

weeping for joy ; and they told him the vision of the angel, and they said that they wish

that he should pray the Lord God that he would make the mountain move and VB

save his faithful Christians from the present danger, • and that God had promised them to FB

accomplish it by his prayer. And when this shoemaker hears what the bishop and the

other Christians said to him he says with many excuses • that he was a sinner and • that FB VA Z

he was not worthy for this, that he is not so good a man as they said, that Lord FB

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1 macque FA: lesne FB: lesue(?) TA: lesina Z: cuspide LT: subula V: mageta et fexe vna stecho VB: steche R: stecche PAUTHIER reads l'alesne

2 tuit lotrent fuissent uenir The version follows FB: Si sacorderent tous ensemble de fair venir B. emends to the same effect, tuit loerent qu'il feissent, "all advised that they make ... "