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0143 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 143 (Color Image)

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THE DESCRIPTION OF THE WORLD THE SALT OF TAICAN company. And I tell you that there are many houses on the mountains, & there is water VB enough on this road, • and good hunting enough; & there are also some lions. But food LT L V one does not find there in these mountains in all these twelve days marches, but it R is necessary that those who have to go that way carry food with them for their v horses and for themselves.

HERE HE TELLS OF THE MOUNTAIN OF SALT. And when one has gone these   •46 •
twelve days marches he finds a village which is called Taican, where there is found a very great market of wheat & other corn. And it is built z VB Z in very [zoa] beautiful ' gracious country, and all the mountains of it are towards VB v VA

midday and are very large and high, and some are all full of salt, very white and well VA R TA VB

savoured, hard as rock. And all the country round for more than thirty days journeys FB

come to seek for that salt which is the best in the world, & they use no other salt. • FB VB

And it is so hard that one cannot take it except with a great iron pick; and I tell L

you that it is in so great abundance that all the world would have enough of it to

the end of the world. Some mountains indeed abound in almonds and pistachios of which a z

very great market is held there. And when one leaves this city he goes riding three days FB

journeys still between the Greek wind and sunrising always finding beautiful FB

country where one continually finds beautiful dwellings enough, and plentiful in L TA

fruits and in corn and in vines and in all things. •And all the inhabitants moreover FB V Z

worship Mahomet. And they are very bad people, thieves & robbers and murderers VA L vB

and treacherous. They stay a great deal in taverns' with beaker to mouth, for all the day z TA VA

they like to drink, for they have much good fermented wine and they are great FB

drinkers and become drunken very willingly. • And they are expert in that faith[of Mahomet], v

wherefore they wear nothing on their heads nor feet but a cord about ten palms' long VB VB

and they wind it round their heads. And they are very good hunters and catch game VA

enough, and have no other clothes but the skins of the beasts which they catch.

And' them they cure in their way and clothes and boots are made of them, and they VB

all know how to cure the skins of the beasts which they catch; and each one cures FB

the skins for his own clothes and boots. And when one has gone these three days marches L

one finds a city which is called Scassem on the plain, which belongs to a count. L

And his other cities and villages are in the mountains . And through the middle


1 L,P: malleis VA: pichoni VB: pai de fern e piconi

2 il demorent mult en bercarie FA: en buueries FB: en buuerie Z,P: in potationibus TA: col

bicchiere a boccha LT: cum ceatis ad os   So perhaps bercarie should be translated "drinking".

3 TA3,LT: brachia

4 in read &