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0128 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 128 (Color Image)

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others in all evils, and there according to the advice of his wise men caused seven ships to be loaded with earth and to be brought to his kingdom. And when it was brought he caused it to be spread in certain halls in the manner of pitch, and afterwards carpets to be put over it that they should not be soiled when they were on it because of the softness. And when they took their places in those halls to eat, immediately after food one began to rise against another with insulting words and acts and to wound one another. And then the king said that truly the cause of this was the land.

   36.   ERE HE TELLS OF THE CITY OF CAMADI . And when one has come down

   FB TA   riding from the mountain those two days journeys of which I have told

   VA LT Z   you above, then he finds a very great beautiful plain which continues

  •  towards midday for five days journeys, and at the beginning of that plain is a great

  •  city which is called Camadi which once was a much more great city and marvellously noble. But now it is not so great nor so good, for Tartars from other lands have FB ruined it several times. And I tell you that that plain of which I am telling you is FA FA Z R Z ill a very hot' place. • It produces wheat, • barley, • and other grains. And the province of

V V R which we now begin to speak is called Reobar. And the fruits of it, which grow z about the slopes of the mountains of the said plain, are dates, pomegranates, citrons, and z V apples of Paradise and pistacios and many other fruits which are not found in our z cold place. Infinite turtle-doves live there on account of the many fruits which they find there to eat, and they are without number. Nor do the Saracens ever eat any of them because they dislike then/. Pheasants are also found there and many other birds. And in this plain

  •  VA is found a kind of bird which one calls francolin which are very different from the LT other francolins of the other lands, for they have feathers which are black and white

  •  VA mixed together and they have the feet and the beak red.' And the animals of that R L land are also different from other places. And I will tell you of the oxen first. For the oxen are very large and are all white as snow. The hair they have short and [i6a] smooth, and this comes about from the hot place. They have the horns short and thick and not sharp.' Between the shoulders they have a round hump quite two

V L VA palms high like camels in look.•And they are indeed the most beautiful thing in the world VA VA to see. And when one wishes to load them they kneel[and]lie down on the ground just VA as the camels do, and when one has loaded them they get up on to their feet and carry FB VA their loads which are very great very well, for they are strong beyond measure. And

1 caaue TA (misunderstanding): chauo LT: caca calidissinia FA: haut

2 V: becho negro et le altre bestie e simile ale nostre

3 VA: et sono achute LT: et acuta V: et nonna ongo

L: valde concaua et depressa Z (correctly):