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0265 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 265 (Color Image)

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may know quite truly that one rides by the sunsetting through the province of Catai

quite ten' days journeys from the city of Giogiu to the realm of Taianfu. And one always z

finds many beautiful cities and many beautiful villages, people of great trade and of VB

great industry, and finds beautiful & well cultivated fields in which much silk is produced z VB z

and beautiful vines and many trees, and they are all settled people & comfortable. LT Z VB

and very affable • because of the number of the cities little removed one from another; • and the P R Z

ways of those cities are so much frequented • by the inhabitants • that people are always found R Z

passing by, • because of the many goods which are continually carried from one city to the other; R

and in each of them fairs are held. And from here the wine is carried into the province of Catai,

because wine is not produced there. There are also many mulberry trees of which the inhabitants

make much silk with their leaves. And at the end of five days journeys of the foresaid ten they

say there is a city more beautiful and greater than the others, called Achbaluch, to which in

that direction approaches the boundary of the lord's hunting, where none dares go hunting except

the lord with his retinue and whoever is enrolled under the captain of the falconers. But from

that boundary forward one can go, provided that he is a nobleman. Nevertheless the great Kaan

as it were never went hunting on that side; for which reason the wild animals were so much

increased and multiplied, and specially the hares, that they destroyed the corn of the whole

of the said province. And when this thing was made known to the great Kaan he went there

with all the court, and animals were taken without number. There is nothing which does

to mention, so we shall tell you nothing about it. And then we shall leave this

matter and shall tell you of a kingdom which is called Taianfu.

HERE HE TELLS OF THE KINGDOM OF TAIANFU. And when one has ridden the LT Z   • IO7
aforesaid ten days marches after he has left this city of Giogiu, then he LT finds a kingdom which is called Taianfu. And head of the province or z    •
realm is this city where we are come which is likewise called Taianfu, which is very z

large and beautiful,' in which is done great trade and industry. For in this city is

made a very great quantity of equipments which are needed for the troops of the

great lord. There are many beautiful vines from which they have wine in great

abundance. And in all the cities of the province of Catai3 subject to the great Kaan wine is FB VB

1 FB: xij Others "ten"

2 appelles taianfu. &' chief de la prouence ceste cite ou nos somes uenus qui est apeles tanian fu qe est mout grant & biele Z: nomine tayanfu. & capud provincie siue regni est ciuitas quam intrauimus que nominatur similiter tayanfu est magna G pulcra ualde FB: appelle taianfu. et est chief de la province ceste cite ou nous sommes venu, qui aussi a nom.taianfu. TA: chiamato taianfo. Et di chapo di questa provincia oue Noi siamo venuti e vna Citta chanoine Tinafu The reading of R is to be noticed: nominato Tainfu, & é capo di questa prouincia, con vna città, che ha il medemo nome.

3 R: in tutta Tainfu L: in nulla eninl prouincia de Catay