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0319 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 319 (Color Image)

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none of it. And then when Baian sees this he [62a] goes forward and finds again FB

another city, and again it refused to surrender, and he sets himself on the road

again forward to the third; next to the fourth; afterwards to the fifth; from all which he P

received a like answer.' And he did this, not afraid' to leave cities of the enemy behind him, P

because his army was great and very good, for he had with him men who were most vigorous

fighters, and because he knew that the great Kaan was sending again a great army

behind him . And what shall I tell you about it ? You may know that he goes to five FB

cities, nor can he take any, because he was unwilling to fight nor would any surrender. FB

Now it happened that the sixth city, Baian took it by force and skill, causing all who R

were found in it to be killed;3 and then he took another of them, and afterwards the

third, and afterwards the fourth, so that I tell you that it happened in such a way that FB

he took twelve cities the one after the other by force of arms• in a short time. Then the FB P

hearts of the men of Mangi trembled. when they heard this news. And why should I make you VA

a long story ? You may know quite truly that Baian, when he had taken so many

cities as I have told you, he goes off quite straight with both the armies to the capital R

city of the kingdom of Mangi which is called Quinsai, in which the king and the TA V

queen were & their court, • and there he drew up his army in order before it. The king, when VA P

he saw Baian with all his army so great, • and heard of the valour and strength of the Tartars, FB FB P

he has great fear like one unused to this sight.. And he sent for his astrologers, not knowing FB V

the name and the nature of Baian; and he sent also his spies to inquire into his nature and power,

and it was told him by his army that he was named Hundred Eyes.' And when the king

understood this he feared greatly and he left that city with many people and enters

into ships, so that he had in his company quite a thousand ships loaded with all his goods VA VB

& wealth and set out and flies into the great Ocean sea among the impregnable islands FB FB P

of Indie, • leaving the city of Quinsai to the care of the queen, • with orders to defend herself as FB P VB

well as she could, for being a woman she would have no fear of death if she fell into the hands

of the enemy. And the queen who was left in the city with a great people bestirred

herself with her barons to defend it as well as she could like a valiant lady as she was. P FB

Now it happened one day that the queen being daily more straitened & yet remaining FB VB

with great hope that she could not lose the country, asks the astronomers who would win, and FA

how he was named who was warring there. And then one tells her that he was called FB



TA': e per queste lasciaua giente a chonbattere

2 R: non volendo

3 R adds: la qual cosa vdita da tutte l'altre, fu di tanto spauento, & terrore, che spontaneamente tutte vennero all'obedienza sua.

4 V by some confusion has homeni in place of "eyes" in this passage. VA makes it into one word, cooi.