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0452 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 452 (Color Image)

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    z mention and therefore we will leave it for you and proceeding farther will tell you of another city which is called Dufar.

  • 195 •   V   ERE HE TELLS OF THE CITY OF DUFAR. Dufar 1S a beautiful city and

   VB   great and very noble which is distant from the city of Scier 5001 miles

v   toward the plough-beam . And the people they are again Saracens and

V FB worship Mahomet. And they have a count for lord as you shall hear, and they arc

  •  again subject to the rule of the sultan of Aden. And again you understand that this z city is also in the province of Aden. The city it is upon the sea and has a very good port where many ships come and go with many merchants with too great a quantity of wares. And again I tell you quite truly that they bring there many good war-R TA horses, Arab and of other countries' inland, • which go to Indie, from which the merchants make great gain and great profit. And you may know that this city has also under FB it several cities and many villages. And again I tell you that white incense also P P R grows there in very great plenty and very good, which is carried away by the merchants; P and I will tell you how it grows. For it runs down drop by drop from trees. I tell

V VA you that they are trees not at all too large, but they are like small pines. And there P P are many of those trees which make it. They bore and cut the bark of them in several places z R VB and parts with knives, and through those wounds or holes the incense comes out like P v a liquid or gum • in drops • in great quantity. And it also comes out [95d] of the same tree z TA P even without wounding it as certain galls of gum; and this is because of the very great P TA P heat which is there; and afterwards it hardens, • & this is also incense. • There are also many palms which produce very good dates in abundance. And again I tell you that many beautiful war-horses come into this city from Arabic, which the merchants afterwards carry with their ships into Indie and make great profit from them and great

  •  gain. There is nothing else in it which does to mention, and therefore we will z leave it and proceeding farther will tell you of the gulf of Calatu.

  • 196 •   FA LT   ERE HE TELLS OF THE CITY OF CALATU. Calatu is also • a kingdom, indeed

   FA   a great city which is inside the gulf which is also called the gulf of

   z   Calatu, and is about Goo' miles distant from Dufar toward the plough-

v v v TA beam. And it is a noble city built on the sea; the people of which they are all Saracens

V FA who worship Mahomet, and they are prosperous .4 • And they are under Curmos, and


1 Z: 200 LT: 5 R: 20, and "toward sirocco."

2 buen destrer arabien ad autres contree LT: boni equi qui ueniunt de cabya(=darabya) et alas lotis   ài
cf. Z p. civ. ad autres should probably therefore be read, as in B., e d'autres. VB: caualli et altre robe

3 TA: 500 (maestro) R: 500 (sirocco) LT: 6

4 venturoxi