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0376 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 376 (Color Image)

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    FB state. Moreover I tell you that in the 1285' year of Christ I Marc Pol was there and at z VB that time according to what was said'•universally by all this king had three hundred and twenty-six children, between male and female, so that he had indeed more than 150 VB [74d] of them men who could bear arms, all of the wives and women whom he kept. In that kingdom are elephants in very great quantity. They have lign aloes in great z L FB abundance. They have there also •very many forests of great trees of the wood which is LT L called bonus, which in Latin is called ebony, which is very black and noble wood, from z FB V which the most beautiful • black chessmen and the ink-horns and many other things are made. There is nothing else which does to mention in our book and so we will set out

from here and will go forward and will tell you of a great island which is called Java.

.163 .   ERE HE TELLS OF THE GREAT ISLAND OF JAVA. Now you may know

z   that when one leaves Ciamba he goes' sailing between midday and the

sirocco 1500 miles, and then he comes to a very large island which is called Java, which according to what the good sailors say who know it well, z FB this is the largest island that is to be found in the world, of those which one can know, z for it is indeed in its circuit more than three thousand' miles round. It is subject FA Z LT to a great king' of the country, and the people of it they are all idolaters and do tribute FB to no man in the world. This island is full of very great wealth. They have pepper z in this island and nutmegs and spikenard and galingale and cubebs and cloves and

L FB L in short of all other kinds of •good and dear spicery which one could find in the world. FB FB FB And unto this' island come very great numbers of ships and of merchants who come FB FB there to trade and buy many goods there and make very great profit there and very great gain. There is so great treasure' in this island that there is not [75a] a man z in the world who could believe or tell or say it. Moreover I tell you that the great z Kaan can never have it subjected to his rule because of the long way and for the danger that it was to sail there. And from this island the merchants of Çaiton and z of Mangi have formerly drawn very vast treasure and still draw every day. And the greater part of the spices which are carried through the world are brought from this island. Now I have told you of this island and will not tell you more of it, but will tell FB you onwards of the others.

t VA: 1275 LT: 1288 R: 128o Z,P omit. Others: 1285

2 LT: midi   3 cianban & ala

4 FA,FB: v.m.

5 est au grant roi FA: est a un grant roy du pays Z: est sub dominio cuinsdam magni regis V:

de vnogran re   au may therefore be taken for a un as in several other places. FB: est au grant
kaan Roy du pais

6 ceste perhaps for en ceste !FB'   ' R: oro and so just below.