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0172 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 172 (Color Image)

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    LT VB wife, he counted it a great insult to himself and holds him in great scorn. All furious FB &full of wrath he cannot restrain his words & cries and says to the messengers, And how has not Cinghis Kan great shame to ask for my daughter for wife ? Does he not v v know that he is my man and my slave ? But go back to him then and tell him on my part that I would have my daughter burnt sooner than I would give her him for

  •  wife. And tell him also on my part that I send him a message that I ought to put VA VA him to an evil death as a traitor that he was against his lord and disloyal, & because

  •  he had been so rash as to ask for his daughter. And then he said to the messengers with LT P great anger that they should go at once from before him and from his whole realm • in

  •  disgrace and that they should never come back to him on pain of their life. And when v V FB the said messengers heard it they set out at once from him. And they went and rode TA by their marches till they came to their lord and tell him all [27a] the message that Prester Johan sends to him all in order without making any mistake.


when Cinghis Kan hears the great insult which Prester Johan sends him

VA 1 1 & with such threats, & how he had called him slave & rebel, he has his heart

  •  so inflamed by it that he thought he would die, & it is by a little that it does not burst

  •  within his belly. For I tell you that he was too greatly masterful a man, & this

because he was become a great lord & had been insulted by Prester Johan. He speaks after a

v V FB space of two hours and says to himself so loudly that all who were about him heard it

v v that he swears he will never keep the rule if he is not avenged of the great insult which

Prester Johan sends him, if he does not sell it there more dearly than ever was

LT insult sold to man.' And he says that he must show him soon if he is his slave or

FB not. And then he has his armies and all his people summoned and makes the greatest

LT V preparation that ever was seen or heard in those countries. • And this done he sends im-

FB mediately & he lets Prester Johan know well that he may prepare to defend himself as

VA far as he can, and how he goes upon him with all his might to find him in his own land.

  •  And when Prester Johan knows certainly of that which he sent to say, that Cinghis Kan FB LT V was coming upon him with so great a number of people, he was very glad and he begins LT & makes fun of it and held him for nothing, not believing that he would dare to march

  •  against him, for he said that they were not men of arms. And he said to those messengers that he did not regard him, r if he shall come down upon him he will return no more to his country. But still he says to himself that he will do all he can for this reason, that LT if he comes he wishes to take Cinghis in person and put him to an evil death. And

' P, LT, R change the form of this story in a way which makes those texts difficult to combine with F, without however making essential changes or additions to the sense.