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0286 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 286 (Color Image)

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    VB z _flesh • in this way, for the poor men go to the butchery & take and buy the raw liver FB as soon as it is drawn out of the animal and chops it small. And then he puts it in VB FB salt and in garlic sauce made with hot water & spices and eats it immediately. And so FB v they do with all the other raw flesh. And in this way all the gentlemen also eat raw v flesh, but they have it minced small in this way aforesaid; then they put it in the FB garlic sauce mixed with good spice, and then they eat it as well as we do the cooked. v FB Then let us leave this for the present and we shall tell you again of the province [53c] of Caragian of which I spoke to you above.

. I 19 •   E TELLS AGAIN OF THE PROVINCE OF CARAGIAN. When one sets out from

FB Fa   the city of Iaci' of which I have told you above and goes riding tent days

FB FB   journeys by sunsetting, then one finds still the said province of Caragian,

FB VB VB va and the other • noble capital city of the kingdom which is called Caragian as the province vs v is named.' They are all idolaters and are subject to the rule of the great Kaan. And FB FB Cogacin who is another son to the great Kaan is king of it. Gold-dust is found in FB FB great profusion in this province, that is one finds it in the large rivers and again it is VB z found there in lakes; and also in the mountains gold from veins larger than dust. They have so much gold that I tell you that they give one saggio of gold for six of silver. And in this province also they spend the cowries of which I have told FB you above for money. And again I tell you that these cowries are not found in VB Z that province, but they come there carried by merchants from Indie. And the very great adders are bred in this province, and those great serpents which are so much FB beyond measure that all men who see them have great fear of them and must wonder at z them, only to hear of their likeness, not to say see; and they are very hideous things to see and to examine. And I will tell you how large and thick they are. For you may TA FB know for truth that there are some of ten large paces long and some more and some FA FA less, which are quite as thick as a large butt, for they measure ten palms4 round; and z FB Z these of this size are the largest. And they have two short legs in front near the head, z z which have no feet except that they have three claws, namely two small and one larger L claw made sharp like a falcon's or a lion's. It has the head very large and the eyes'

1 cite chiaci Read probably, with B., cite de iaci So most MSS, but note L: ciuitate de ghiaci

LT: ciuitate Chiaci   2 Z: xij

3 In the chapter before we have had the province of Caragian with seven kingdoms, and the kingdom of Iaci, and the kingdom of Caragian. F seems to be too much curtailed here. FB: si treuue len encore de ceste dite prouince de caraian et treuue len aussi vne autre maistre cite de ceste maistre prouince qui a a nom caraian.

FA: .vi. paumes

5 TA': cielso ... viso   TA': cieffo . . . nase   LT: posticus slue secessus ... 110145