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0405 Marco Polo : vol.1
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  • 175.


the morning and carry away' that dung of the eagle and find there also diamonds

enough. And when they can catch any of the eagles they kill them and find some in their bellies. FB

Now therefore you have heard how diamonds are found in these three ways, and they z LT z

are also found in many other ways. And you may know that though diamonds are not L

found in all the rest of the world but in this kingdom only, but yet there they are found z L

in so great quantity and good and very large • that all the world abounds with them. And L FB L

do not believe that the good diamonds come into our Christian countries but the VB

greater part & the most noble diamonds they go and are carried' only to the great Kaan z

and to the kings and barons of these different regions and [8zb] realms, for they

have the great treasures of the world and buy all the dear stones for themselves. • For FB P FB

those which come to our country, nothing comes but their leavings. Now I have told you of

the diamonds and then we will tell you of the other things. For you may know

that the best buckrams are made in this kingdom of Mut fili and the most beautiful LT

and the thinnest that are to be found in the world and those which are of greatest z

value, & they are so thin that I never saw the like in other place, for I tell you that they VB

are like fabrics of flax of Rens .3 There is no king in the world nor queen who would

not wear them for grandeur and for their beauty. And in this kingdom they have beasts y y

enough, and the largest sheep that may be found in the world, which it is a wonder to z VB

see. . And they have great abundance and great wealth of all things on which they y

live. There is nothing else which does to mention, and so we will leave this kingdom

and it seems to me that it will not be right to omit to tell you of the place where the body VB VB

of Master Saint Thomas the most holy Apostle is.   vB

HERE HE TELLS OF THE TOWN WHERE THE BODY OF MASTER SAINT THOMAS FB THE APOSTLE IS. The body of Master Saint Thomas the Apostle, who P endured martyrdom for Christ in the province, is buried in the province of VB Maabar, that is in Greater Indie, in a little town, for there are no men there at all P and few merchants, nor do merchants come there because there is no merchandise z that they could well take away from it to another place, and also because it is not in v VA a good place for merchants & the place is solitary and much out of the way, for it is very FB S far from the sea.' Yet it is true that out of devotion for the holy body many Christians y and also many Saracens go and come there on pilgrimage, for I tell you that the VB FB

. 176.

1 cargient

2 portes is surrounded with a line and in the margin below is the note incipit portes. cf. p. 378, note i above.

3 teles de lin darens Z: tele de lino derens L: linee tele renensses ("linen Rhenish fabrics") V: telle derens LT: tela eranei Other MSS. and R omit. See PN.

4 VL: molto fori di mano