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0104 Marco Polo : vol.1
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v v villages in that province of which I shall not tell you now because it would be too

z z long a matter to mention. They are all subject to the Tartar king of the sunrising

z I and he places there his rule and he sends them deputies and governors.. These Tartars do not care what God is worshipped in their lands. If only all are faithful to the lord Kan and quite obedient and give therefore the appointed tribute, and justice is well kept, thou mayest do what pleased) thee with the soul. Yet they will not that thou speak evil of their souls, nor fail thou to assist at their doings. And do thou what thou wilt with God and thy soul whether thou art Jew or Pagan or Saracen or Christian who dwellest among the Tartars. They confess indeed in Tartary that Christ is Lord, but say that he is a proud Lord because he will not be with other gods but will be God above all the others in the world. And so in some places they have Christ of gold or silver and keep him hidden in some chest, and say that he is the great Lord

TA supreme of the Christians. Now let us leave this province and we will go to speak of the Great Armenie.

  • 22 •   Z L   ERE HE TELLS OF THE GREAT ARMENIE. The greater Armenie is a very great

   I   province. And it has its own idiom and speech foreign and common and different
froiii all other provinces. Yet it agrees well in all things with Armenie the less, VB though it is greater both from position and number of lands. . And it begins from a city which is called Arçingan in which are made the best buckrams that are in the world, I TA beautiful and good and durable, for there are good master-workers ; • and there is the best & z the most beautiful cotton ;• and many other crafts are done there which cannot be told. And I I there in that city is hot and boiling water, and there are the most beautiful & wholesome. L z natural baths and the best of springing water that are to be found on earth. The people VB VB are for the greater part Armenian and are all moreover servants of the Tartar. There are vs VB v L many villages and good cities. But the most noble city of all • the kingdom is Arçingan z I LT which has an archbishop who rules the Christians ; • whence it is the metropolis of that whole I province, • and there for the greater part they are subject to the faith of Jesus Christ, though among therii there are many heretics in different articles of the faith because they have not v L teachers who know well. The others are Argiron which is great, • [and]a very great quantity of silver is dug there, and Arçiçi. It is a very great province; and I tell you that in FB the summer all the hosts of all the Tartar of the sunrising stay there because in this province there is very good pasture in the summer for the beasts, and for this reason the Tartars stay' with their beasts in the summer, but in winter they do not stay there v for the very great cold of the snow which there is beyond measure, for which the v beasts would not be able to live. And for this [lob] the Tartars leave those places in L winter and go off to seek for warm places where they find much grass and good pasture

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