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0089 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 89 (Color Image)

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THE DESCRIPTION OF THE WORLD. AND WAIT AT VENICE forth great good & great honour for all Christendom . He says to the two messenger FB FB brothers, Sirs, says he, you know & well see that the Apostle is dead, & so at all FB P events it will be right for you to wait until there shall be chosen an Apostle. And when y there shall be a Pope you will be able to do your mission. So the two brothers, who FB see well that the legate spoke the truth, & thinking that they cannot accomplish anything VB of their embassy until the creation of the new Pope, said that they would do so & that while R waiting till an Apostle shall be named they wish to go to Venese to see their home. And then they immediately took leave of the said Teald & went on board a ship & set out y from Acre & go off to Negrepont . And from Negrepont they set out in a ship & sailed until they were come to Venese -to stay there till the Chief Pont should be created. FB P And when they were come to Venese Master Nicolau finds that his wife, whom he had left LT pregnant when he first departed from Venese, was dead & buried' & there was left him a small y FB L son of fifteen years who had for name Marc, whom Master Nicolau had never seen because VA he was not yet born when he set out from Venese . And it was that Marc of whom this book speaks, who searched out & saw so much of the world and wrote this book, as will be said after- VB wards. ..But in the mean time the election of the Chief Pontiff was so long delayed that • the two P VA brothers, • the said Master Nicolau and Master Mafeu, stay in Venese for the space of • v v about two years more to wait till there was an Apostle; in the which time Master vA vB Nic lau took a wife and left her with child.

HOW THE TWO BROTHERS SET OUT FROM VENESE TO RETURN TO THE GREAT KAAN [6c1 AND TAKE WITH THEM MARC THE SON OF MASTER NICOLAU. And when the two brothers have waited at Venese so long as you have heard, VB and they see that an Apostle was not made, they said that henceforth they might stay

too long to return to the great Kaan, fearing lest the king should be too much disturbed at P

their delay and should think that they would not return to him more . Then they set out from

Venese and take with them the foresail Marc his son, and go off by sea quite straight P L

to Acre, and when they came there they find there the legate, the said Master Teald, of whom v v

I have told you above. They speak much with him of these things, and having been there y

many days they ask him leave to go to Jerusalem to have some./of the oil of the lamp of

the sepulchre of our Lord •Jesus Christ, for which the great Kaan had asked them much; and FB V V

he wanted it because of his mother who was a Christian.' The legate gives them leave that

they should gó . Then the two brothers set out from Acre and went on board a ship and v

go to Jerusalem and have some of the oil of the lamp of the sepulchre of Christ. And v

leaving the sepulchre they return thence to the said Master Teald the legate to Acre and v

said to him, Sir, since we see that there is no Apostle we wish to go back to the great

lord, because we know that against our will we have stayed too long and waited enough . • L FB

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i Qubilai's mother had been a Christian; but she had died in 1252. cf. YS. c. 3 fol. 2r°.