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0123 Marco Polo : vol.1
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make great wondering to themselves what [14c] it can be that the infant had given FB

them, • not knowing the meaning of the stone. But it is this. The infant Christ had given z TA

it them to mean that they should be firm as rocks in the faith received from hirn LT

which they had begun. For when they presented their offerings to the infant, then he took FB

them all three, and when the three kings saw that the infant had taken the gifts all

and three, they said that he was at once •true God and true earthly king and true z FB FB FB

physician, as is declared above. And because the infant knows these three kings have z

that faith he gives them the said stone which was hard and strong as a sign that they z z

should be in the same way firm and constant to that which they believe, for he well z FB

knew their thoughts. •But the three kings who did not know that the said stone bore the z FB

rruaning, • and thought themselves mocked, took that stone and threw it into a very deep LT V

well, for they did not know why the stone was given to them. Nothing of all this VA

is true, but there is this belief in that people who have no true faith. And again they say that VA

as soon as the stone was thrown into the well, a burning flame of fire came down VA

from heaven and comes quite straight to the well into which they had thrown

the stone. And suddenly • by divine miracle • an immense flame began to rise through the z v z

mouth of the well. And when the three kings saw this great marvel they become all

dismayed at it and much repented that they had thrown the stone so foolishly, for FB L

they see well then that it was of great meaning and good. And they took of that FB TA

fire immediately and carried it with them into their country and put it in a very L

beautiful and rich Church of theirs as a thing come down from heaven. And again all VB VA

this is false, but this is the truth that they make it burn and shine there always and those z z

who dwell there worship it, the said fire •which was from that well, as they say, as God. And z VA

all their sacrifices and holocausts which they make they roast with that fire. And

if it should happen any time that the fire is extinguished in any of these cities they VB

go to the other cities round about who hold that same faith and worship the fire FB

also and make them present them with some of their fire which is' burning in the VA

lamps in their Church, and go back and carry it into their Churches to light their fire FB

to make their sacrifice. Nor. [I 4d1 ever would they take it if it were not of that fire VB

which I have told you. And many times they go eight and ten days journeys' to vL

find that fire. And if they do not find it they go sometimes as far as to the•original fire VL I.T

which is in that well where they threw that stone which that boy who was born in Bethlehem

had given them, which is never quenched. For these reasons which I have told you do those

of that country worship fire, and I tell you that they are many people in those VA

errors. And all this thing aforesaid do those of the3 village relate and tell to Master z

1 ait B. reads art, "burns".   2 L: 4. dietis   3 donc