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0236 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 236 (Color Image)

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    R V to see when a lion takes such animals with what ferocity and speed it does so. • And when the FB P lord wishes to go hunting•with all his lions, [I tell you]that they carry two ofh them on the FB P R covered carts' in a cage, and with him is a little dog for companion, •with which they are trained. And the reason why they are carried in cages is because they would be too ferocious and ravening in the chase of the beasts, nor could they be held. And it is necessary that they should be carried against the wind, because if the animals should perceive their scent they would flee at once and would not wait for them. He has also a great multitude of eagles which

  •  L are very well trained to hunt; for they take [41c] wolves and foxes and buck and roe-LT deer, hares and other small animals, and take plenty of them. But those which are trained to take wolves are very extremely large and of great strength, for you may know that there is no wolf so large as to escape before those eagles without being taken. Now I have told you of this which you have heard. Now I wish to tell you how

  •  L the great lord has also a very large number of very good dogs kept.


LT '- -' CHASE. It is true that the great lord has two great barons who are

real brothers who, the one has Baian for name and the other Mingan,

  •  P who are set over the royal hunting like this. They are called cuiucci in the Tartar tongue, VA R which means to say in our tongue those who are masters of the hunt, and they keep the R P hunting dogs and retrievers2 and greyhounds and the •great dogs which we call mastiff dogs. VA L Each of these two brothers has Y0000 men under them3 controlling the dogs, and all R L the ten thousand who are under one of these are dressed in clothes of one colour and the R L L other ten thousand under the other are dressed in like clothes of another colour, that is FB FB L L the one in red and the others in • sky blue.' And they do not always use these clothes, but only every time that they go with the great lord hunting they wear those clothes of which FB R I have told you, to be known, • and take with them sleuth hounds, greyhounds, & mastiffs. And among these ten thousand there are two thousand of them who each has a great mastiff dog or two or more,' so that they are very great multitudes. And

1 bestes qe les lions quil les portent sus le charethe FB: bestes que ces lyons prennent Car quant Il veult chacier a tout ses les portent TA: le bestie saluatiche quando illione la prende che quando vanno ... egli gli portano V: bestie che brancha questi lioni et quando el signor vol andar in chaza thon li lioni li uien metudi LT combines TA with FB: quando leo tapit bestias siluestres Quia quando

2 da paisa BALDELLI-BONI suggests da presa, which seems to mean retrievers. But paissa seems to be a Venetian word meaning game (selvatico. cf. BOERIO S.v.).

3 P: Quilibet enim ipsorum decem milibus hominum preest.qui canes magnos nutriunt quos Mastinos dicimus propter quod vocantur lingua Tartarica. Canici.hoc est canum magnorum prefecti.

4 VA: biancho S: bianco VL: biauo

5 VA: vintimilia ... quatromilia ... dui al plia