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0149 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 149 (Color Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000271
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THE DESCRIPTION OF THE WORLD, THE NONE OF VOCAN of Braaman, and I do not wish to go in there at this [21c] point because on our return from our journey we shall tell you all the things of Indie in order in the P third book. And so we will go back to our province towards Badascian, because In other road or in other directions we shall not be able to go. So we shall go by V P another way beginning from the other border of the province of Badascian, • through which runs R the road to Catai between sunrising and the Greek wind, treating as I have begun to do of the provinces and countries which are on the way, and of others which are around there bordering on them to the right hand and to the left.

leaves the region of the province of Badascian he goes twelve' days journeys z between sunrising and the Greek wind upwards by a river which belongs to the brother of the lord of Badascian, finding very many rivers large and small and z

where there are villages and dwellings enough. And the people of this country are V FB

very valiant men of arms and worship Mahomet. And at the end of riding. these V FB VB V

twelve2 days journeys one finds a province not too large, for it is three days

journeys long & broad on all sides, and is called by the name of Vocan. And the people VB z V

of this realm worship Mahomet and have a language of their own and are proved v

and very valiant men of arms. And they have one their lord whom they call None, which L FB FB

means to say in the French tongue Count,' and they are' subject to the rule of the vB

lord of Badascian. And they have wild beasts 6- all other animals enough and great V FB VA

hunting and chase of all sorts.' And when one leaves this little place he goes forward • FB TA

riding three days marches always • between sunrising and by the Greek wind,' almost FB VA Z VB

always going up through mountains, and one rises so much that they say that on L Z

the top of those mountains that is the highest place, or one of the highest, in the whole VB Z

universal world. And when one is up in that high place then he finds a large plain VA VB

between two mountains in which is very beautiful pasture and. a great lake from which runs TA R

a very beautiful river' both good and large. And up there in that plain is the best and TA VB Z R

  • 49•

' VA,P: "two" LT: duodecim with note, alibi dicit duarum giornatarum R: tre

2 VA: tre

3 non e seingnor que uant (sic) a dir.en langue françois cuenz FG seems to be the only family of MSS. which has preserved, though in a different form, this obviously imperfect sentence. FB: et ont vng leur seigneur que il appellent none qui vault &c.. V: edano vno choute per signor

4 VB: son non—perhaps a slip for sonno, "are".

5 VB: bestie asai saluatiche et chosi la son asai someiante a le nostre abiamo in queste parte (possibly corrupt).

6 F,FB,L,V,VA,VB: "north-east" only; P: "east"; TA,LT omit.

7 V: do fium i