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0467 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 467 (Color Image)

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the rule. Now since it is so as I have told you I pray you that we defend our right

against Argon and that the kingdom and the rule remain to us all together. For I FA

tell you that I wished the honour of it and the renown alone, and you may have

the profit of it and the possessions and the domains through all our lands and

provinces. Now I do not wish to say more to you for I know well that you are

wise and experienced and that you love right and that you will do things which will FA

be honour and good to us all. Then he is silent without speaking more. And

when the barons and knights and the other people who were there had well under-

stood what Acmat had said they answered' all together that they will not come

less' to him as long as they shall have life in body, and that they will help him

against all men in the world and will go valiantly against Argon especially. And y

they said that he may have no fear but that they will take him dead or alive and FA

put him in his hands. In such way as you have heard Acmat talks to his people

and knows their goodwill. And they desired no other thing so much as that Argon z y

with his people should come to fight with them. Now then we will leave you

Acmat and his people and we will come back to Argon and to his men.

[food] Now you may know quite truly that when Argon knows certainly that Acmat was waiting for him' on the field with so great multitude of people he has great wrath at it. But nevertheless he says to himself that to give

himself' melancholy and to show his men that he has dread and fear of his enemies FA

could do too much harm, for his people would be of worse value for it. And so

he says that he must of necessity show valour and courage. He showed that he did not z FA

fear them at all, so as to encourage his people like a wise man that he was.5 • And immediately y

he sends for all his barons and wise men. And when a great number of them

haves assembled in his tent, for they had pitched camp in a very beautiful place, he

talks then to his people and speaks in such a way: Fair lords and brothers and very dear z TA LT

friends, says he, you know certainly how in the time past my father loves you y

tenderly, and as long as he lived he holds you for brothers and for sons, and you z

1 Et quant les barons ... qe iluec estoient e qe bien auoient entandu ce qe abbaga auoit respondirent We must either omit e qe, or change quant into adonc (Z: tune), or add something like ont of

cestes paroles .   For abbaga read acomat

2 uendront moin possibly for uaudront moin FA: faudront and so Z p. cxiii, V: mancheraue LT: deficerent TA': seguirebbono

3 TA: filera attendato

4 qe le dorer V: loi daraue B. reads que se doner

5 FA ends here unfinished. 8 il ont