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0141 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 141 (Color Image)

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you before. Now let us leave this and come to his destruction. It was true that about the 1262' year that was since Christ was born, when Ulau brother of the great Kaan z

subjected the whole rule of the East to himself, the said Ulau the fifth lord of all the Tartars LT LT

of the sunrising, who knows all these execrable evil things that this Old Man so z z wickedly did with these assassins, • & his customs; & also because the Old Man had all those L VB robbed who passed along the road, • drove out all these evil people and he says to himself LT

that he will have him destroyed from off the earth. Then he took some of his barons y and sends them over to this garden and castle of the Old Man with much people, and z LT z they besiege the castle & held it besieged • very closely so that none could come out, quite V VB three years without being able to take it, because the castle was so very strong that it VA could not be taken by storm. And they would never have taken it as long as they should

have had what to eat; but finally at the end of three years they have no longer what z

to eat in the castle. Then for want of victuals they were taken and the Old Man VA VA

of the mountain who had Alaodin for name was killed with all his men & all those L VA

assassins • and all that place was destroyed and utterly laid waste by the people of Ulau lord LT

of all the Tartars of the sunrising, • and he caused that castle to be levelled; so that in this y

way did that cursed Old Man come to his end. And from this Old Man to this moment

there has not been found any such Old Man nor any such assassin in that place; and L L VA

in him was ended all the rule and the evils which the Old Men of the Mountain

& those assassins had formerly done so much in the past. Now let us leave you this VA FB

matter and we will go forward.

HERE HE TELLS OF THE CITY OF SAPURGAN. And when one departs from this aforesaid castle he rides through beautiful [19c] plains and through L beautiful valleys and through beautiful slopes where there is much VA beautiful grass and much good pasture for cattle and fruit enough and of all things VA FB to eat in great abundance. And the armies of • lord Ulau stay there very gladly for the VA V FB

great plenty which was there. And this country lasts quite six' days journeys, and there are towns and villages enough, and the men of that region worship Mahomet. FB VA And sometimes one finds in parts of that country a desert of sixty miles and of fifty LT in which water to drink • sometimes is not found, but it is needful for the men who V FB V have to pass by there to carry it with them. Beasts do not drink till they are come out of that desert and come to the places where they find water; and it is necessary R to pass it with great speed, because then they find water. And when one has ridden six days marches, those which I have told you, and has now crossed the desert, then one finds a LT



1 FB,VA,P,L,R:1262 FA: 1242 TA',LT: 1277 TA': 1278 VB: 1272 V omits.

2 FA, FB,Z, VA, P, V, L, R: "six" TA, LT: "seven" Others "six"